Resinstatement - Holy Spirit Direction is BULL

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  • rrb2016

    So I am, I guess technically an apostate. Never baptized, family all in and treat me fine since leaving home/WT over 30 years whenever I see them. Discovered the TTAT by reading Kingdom of the Cults and catching an episode of the John Ankerberg Show when I was 18.

    In the past 4 years I have "helped" two people ( a father and son) get reinstated. They both know it is all crap, but due to family reasons (elderly parents and new grandchildren) they both wanted to get back in and fade. It is just hilarious. I took them to most meetings, luckily with tablet and mobile wi-fi I was surfing JWN most of time.

    I coached them as to what to say in the Elders meetings. When and how to follow up. Fake highlight WT articles. I wrote their reinstatement letters. LOL. One of them got in in 6 months and the other took about 9 months. Spirit-Directed Elders my Ass. The first one has nearly faded... been to like 4 meetings in nearly 2 years. Oh, and not ONE Shepherding call or visit.

    Just one more reason that the WTBS in nothing more than a man-made organization. Perhaps I should start a website/coaching biz. "REINSTATEMENTS-R-US" LOL.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Interesting perspective rrb, i had never thought of heiping someone get reinstated.

  • Finkelstein

    Its a bit of a sad and recognizable fact that some people are pretty much forced to be dishonest in

    immersing themselves with this sociological religious scam,

    just to reconnect with their own family members who are mentally locked inside this cult.


    People are essentially lying to get back into the lies that allured people into the organization in the first place. ....... sick

  • Oubliette

    Great story. Similarly, I helped a fellow JWN member get reinstated. He/She/It wrote a draft letter requesting reinstatement. It was pretty weak so she asked for my help (as a former elder) to revise it.

    I heavily edited and re-wrote it, also coaching her what to say in the JC. She was reinstated.

    Oh, and by-the-way, I was DF'd at the I gave him/her/it this assistance. I guess Holy Spirit was down with the whole thing, ... NOT!

  • snowbird

    No wonder WT refuses to capitalize the words holy spirit.

  • rrb2016

    AND, Finkel, what is more sickening is to sit back and watch as they "loving congregation" swarms around them after the announcement...all happy and fake. Just a week ago they would not make eye contact at Wal-Mart. I understand them wanting to go back for family. If I had been dunked, I would have not had my crazy JW Mother all my life.

    But the phony love, and swarming around like bees because a overweight, ill-dressed , ninth grade educated window-washer announced it is OK - made me feel ill. I wanted to tell them all off...but I didn't.

  • Finkelstein

    All the other religions out there say they are being directed by the Holy Spirit as well, whats up with that. ?

    Organized religion is just a consolidated agreement toward a formulated set of lies, the pertaining importance

    is whether you yourself are personally in agreement to those established lies.

  • bigmac

    i think all religions worship the same dog--er--god. just each from a slightly different direction. then all god has to do--is turn his head slightly to direct his stern gaze at whichever one is in the limelight.

    fortunately--i'm a born atheist---so all the god twaddle is just a silly nonsense to me.

  • stuckinarut2

    It's truly sickening to see how a mere label makes the fake friends all change their reactions!

  • sparrowdown

    Just a question, can you be an apostate if you were never baptized?

    I was under the impression you could only be labelled an apostate if you made a dedication and were baptised.

    Maybe I am wrong.

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