How to find joy in the ministry, according to one elder

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  • ohnightdivine

    Exactly, Ding... so sad.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    And what else could be better than setting a goal to, say, distribute xx number of magazines during that day?!


    Jeez, I'd think that if you really believed you were the only "true" religion on the planet and had a message of "everlasting lifeā„¢" that would save a person, your goal would be to actually make a meaningful difference in someone's life. But apparently quantity is the focus of your day, not substance.


    If I were a JW, I'd take the advice of the new "Atlanta Int'l Convention" WT video slogan- "Get ready for the time of your life"- and skip service altogether and go something fun.

  • WTWizard

    How about a goal of ruining one call per day? You intentionally mention that the whole program is direct communism. Or, you cite that the religion is really half Jewish and pretends to be pure Christian, which is sure to turn off both groups. Another thing one could do is lead people to the Joy of Satan site in lieu of the official jokehovian one. Doing that will be sure to make them think more than twice about becoming a jokehovian--the Exposing Christianity section is exceptionally helpful there.

    Another goal would be to go a whole month without as much as setting foot in field circus. I remember another goal--I took my rags out and made one stack of them. The stack was more than 1 1/2 meters tall. It had to be put in several piles to not fall on the floor in a million pieces. My goal was to feed the whole stack, rag by rag, to my shredder. You could also make a goal of wasting littera-trash. Order expensive items and do not donate for them. When they come, you destroy them once you get them home--burning or shredding works. Hog as many rags and wastes of paper as you possibly can, and when you get them home, put them in your shredder. Again, do not donate for them. If you make a shortage of items for those who legitimately wish to place them and/or create a financial deficit for the washtowel, you have attained another goal.


    There's only one worthwhile goal: Stop going to the meetings.

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