Classic quote in today's public talk!!

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  • Finkelstein

    Jeanette says .... . And the bible is just a plagiarized bunch of propaganda designed to control us and manipulate us on into the one-world government.

    The words in the bible were created firstly to empower those men who made up those words.

    They not only wanted to control their own civilization they also wanted to press the fact that their god was more

    powerfully than those other gods worshiped by other civilizations.


    Men today exploit those words written in the bible to empower themselves like the GB of the JWS or the GB

    of the Mormons or the Pope and cardinals from the Catholic religion, it doesn't really matter for the intent is all the same.


    Fear mongering does well to attract attention to this religion via literature and fear mongering does well in

    controlling the people once they have them in their grasp.

    Its really this built in indoctrinated fear that makes people not talk to their non-JWS children or other family members.

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