Is WT guided by holy Spirit? Trolley witnessing. What's your experience?

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  • KateWild

    Hi everyone,

    I was out trolley witnessing today. I specifically wanted to ask JWs about holy spirit, and how it guides them.

    I had someone with me as usual, so JWs had to be polite and answer my questions. As we approached the trolley, an elder from my KH was there, just recently moved in. We approached him and he refused to shake my hand and turned his back on my friend and asked me if I was RI'd knowing full well that I was not. He then tried to set up another JC meeting with me and when I said I didn't think holy spirit guides my JC he said I could request a forth elder. Hhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I said "Yeah sure sounds great fun" NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My friend then interupted him and pointed out that JWs talk to all members of the public and that I was also a member of the public, he tried to dismiss her but I said I agreed and that I now felt I was just another member of the public.

    I asked him that when he's on a JC, how is he guided by holy spirit? He said he follows the bible and I asked him if he thought he followed the flock book instead of the bible. I asked him where the RI process is in the bible, and he refused to get the bible out and tried again to get me to agree to comming in for a JC meeting.

    We had a good old chit chat and I told him my personal circumstances and said he could listen to my JC meeting. He then checked to see if I was recording our conversation. I wasn't. After about an hour of telling him my issues we parted company and I shook his hand and gave him a kiss, he reciprocated. I then went to say farewell to his wife and he stopped me and said...............................

    The classic.................................

    "You can talk to me because I am an elder"

    We then went to another trolley. There were two, one on each side of the road. An elder that was on my appeal JC was manning one alone so we went to the other one where a JW was talking to an elderly gentleman with his partner. The 83 yr old was talking about the UN and how they will clean up the world and the JW was talking about God's day being imminent and would come in the 83 yr old's lifetime. I was just nodding and listening and asking the man questions, got his name. We were all having a good old chit chat and the elder across the street was not in control he could do nothing. I felt in control and I had power over him to disobey the shunning rules and suffer no consequences.

    The elderly man took his leave and the JW carried on talking about 1914 I asked his name and realised he was my friends ex boyfriend, so I revealed who I was so we could talk more openly. I told him my personal circumstances and asked him how he believed holy spirit was at work. I hopefully planted a seed, his ex girlfriends sister experienced the same injustces I did, so we have common ground. The whole time I was talking to him I kept turning to the elder and refering to his role, and he just stayed put. hahaha!!!!

    The JW then told me about his doubts about 607, but said he did not doubt it anymore and that he was confident in 1914, and doubts historical dates. I said to him it was interesting and I wanted to look it up, even though I already have and know it's nonsense. He tried to convince me that WT was right about this date. He obviously felt sorry for the situation I am in and the fact that I have lost my faith. He was really kind and genuine, I would love to meet him again and help him slowly see TTATT. We shook hands and kissed aswell infront of the elder, even though I am Df'd. It felt validating to stand up to the shunning policy.

    We also talked about some of the letters that have been sent to the elders. He asked me how I knew and I just said I am friends with an elder that still goes and gives me copies of the letters. I just was brief about them but it sparked his interest. I hope he questions this with his elders.

    Next on our way to lunch, pioneers don't get a lunch break it seems, we crossed over and I said hello politely to the elder thinking he was going to shun me. But oddly enough he asked how I was. He is an elder in my ex's cong. Just as we were entering into an conversation, he separated the two JWs, so they could not disscuss my situation. LOL. I told him exactly how I felt about the way that I have been treated, and he listened patiently and pretended to show compassion. My friend thought he was fake too. He asked if I had told the other brother the same thing and I just ignored his question and brushed him off.

    This elder as well as a RC speaker is also on the HLC. So I asked him about blood fractions. I asked what exactly chemically speaking was a blood fraction? Was is chemically bonded to the blood or just a mixture? He couldn't answer my questions and my friend concluded, I was more intelligent in this area that he was. He finally said, if anything happened to my son, until the age of 18 the courts will take over. He probably thinks it's nonsense anyway. So I am relieved, in case of emergency there won't be a whole battle about blood and this elder, will let the law take over and not insist on refusing blood in my son's case. He seemed really genuine on this point and I believe him.

    Both elders tried to tell me I had misunderstood the prodigal son account about being RI'd. But they did not explain why. One was trying to get me into another JC and the other said he feels really sorry for me. Both responses were nonsense.

    I don't know if the elders are out in force because of me or not, but they will surely run out of pioneer elders to man the trolleys, and on this occaision they could not stop me talking to other publishers.

    Do you think WT is guided by holy spirit?

    Have you had a recent trolley experience?

    What shall I do next time?

    Kate xx

  • Londo111

    Good work!

  • KateWild

    I also had a good old chit chat about my ex. I was asked if I had any evidence to prove my ex has lied and I have, he lied on the divorce papers, I asked if he wanted to see them and he just said my ex won't get any priviledges.

    My son is a publisher again and I said I had concerns about this as I have doubts and that my son doesn't even want to go on FS. He hasn't been out on FS or participated at a meetings since his priviledges have been given back. Just shows, they make our kids JWs when they don't even want to be!!!

    I will continue to spread this far and wide, at this moment in time my son is an unbaptised publisher against his will. And without even talking to him about it first!!!

    Kate xx

  • KateWild

    Oooops looks like this OP is too long. Sorry guys. I will make it shorter next time. Kate xx

  • DesirousOfChange

    Oooops looks like this OP is too long. Sorry guys. I will make it shorter next time. Kate xx

    No, Kate! It was a great experience and I for one, am glad you shared it with us.

    I've not seen any "trolley" witnessing. If enough mentally diseased apostates tactufully influence the JWs trolley crew, that form of witnessing might be cancelled.


  • Apognophos

    It wasn't too long, at least for those of us who like to read :-) Sounds like you could do some good there. Just be cautious about revealing too many admissions from the JWs you talk to, as other JWs were witness to the conversations you had at different trolleys, and if any of them read this forum they can identify who said what to you, and it could cause trouble for the JW you spoke to if that JW admitted they they currently had some doubts about the teachings. You might already realize this, and I don't think you necessarily gave too many details here, but just wanted to throw my two cents out there.

  • Watchtower-Free

    You are fearless.........Way to go!!!!

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    A great read, not too long at all... Good work madam! If every trolley witness got a talk like this every time they went out, SOME would eventually start to think and reason for themselves, as long as it's done calmly and reasonably like this...

  • Jeannette

    Good for you, Kate. I can't stand to be around any of them, so I could never do it. Way to go!

  • KateWild

    Londo, Thanks for reading and being the first to comment.

    Doc, Yes my aim is to tactfully influence, I would like to think I planted some seeds.

    Apogs, good point about revealing things. More JWs than we realise have doubts, it's nice to hear honesty about this but I do need to respect their position.

    WF, LOL!, I am not brave or fearless, I am just passionately expressive and can't remain silent.

    DHOH, I tried to be calm and reasonable and always parted with a hug and kiss

    Jeanette, my daughter is the same as you. We all recover in different ways. WT was my life, I would like to think that helping people in WT and exiting WT is a part of my new life. Others just need to move on completely.

    Thanks for your posts guys

    Kate xx

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