Where does the Bible mention 7000 year long Creative Days?

by tim hooper 25 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • tim hooper
    tim hooper

    To my total astonishment, there is no mention whatsoever in the Scriptures re Jehovah's creative days being each of 7000 years duration.



    ...and yet the WT had this to say:

    12-1-1956 WT states:

    Here Jehovah tells of earth’s preparation, a process covering thousands of years with the time divided into ‘days,’ periods that the Bible shows to be of seven thousand years each.

    It's a lie. The Bible shows no such thing. So the whole of the workings-out regarding us now living right at the end of 6000 years and waiting to complete the creative day at the end of the millenium is total hogwash.

  • OneEyedJoe

    I think it was based on the calculation that creation is ~6000 years old, add to that Jesus' 1000 year reign, and that's all in god's "rest day" so they assumed that the creative days were of equal length.

    EDIT: I guess that's what you said....maybe I shouldn't try to post while I'm on the phone!

  • Phizzy

    It does not.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    It's one of countless fanatasies the WT holds as "Bible truth".

    Interestingly, CT Russell taught that 6,000 years of human existence ended in 1874; Freddie Franz and WT then taught it ended in 1975, which started the whole 1975/Armageddon nonsense.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Of course Watchtower must have been right on this, otherwise they would have stopped mentioning 7000-year creative days and they would have never admitted they WERE wrong when they said it. They would just say the creative days were "thousands of years" so that people can believe it to mean 7 thousand or more enlightened ones will take it to mean more.

    Oh wait. That's what is happening.

  • Ding

    It doesn't.

    Evidently, the GB has inside information about such things...

    ...subject to change, i.e. new light TM , without notice...

  • prologos

    the bible does not need another fantasy statement to contain proof that it is not the inerrant, inspired word of an all-knowing creator.

    starting with Gen1:1 and the talking snake is enough.

  • Comatose

    days to god are 7000 years, this I know

    because the gubberning body told me so

  • bigmac

    this 7000 year day was always a big issue to me--back in the 60's. i asked all and sundry about it--even DO Ron Drage at an assembly-----no one could come up with a sensible answer.

    fast forward 40 years--i discover the crazy world of ex jw's--and top priority--was to find answers to this------and--lo and behold--i find the cult has quietly dropped this rubbish. finally got the answer.

  • bigmac

    so---lets say--for example--man has been on the earth 6000 years ( might be true )---ooooh--leads us to 1975-----spooky

    and lets say the millenial reign --1000 years---- is literal

    but --what if a creative day is--7 million years or 7000 million years ? kinda takes the urgency off armageddon doesnt it. ?

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