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    I know that some are skeptical about vibes and feelings. That being said, after attending the RC and listening with an unclouded mind, I STRONGLY feel that the WTBTS is planning to enact changes regarding "charity." I have NEVER heard a GB member say that doing good for our neighbors was as important as field service, yet Loesch went out of his way to make this point. WHY??

    Remember the WT article ( Ray Franz inspired??) about preaching AND doing good towards our neighbors, the 2 wings of the bird article? An article that I brought up in my star chamber hearings. I was told with no uncertainty that I was wrong for helping a neighbor with an emergency, instead of going in service. This was the very article that spawned the " Ray Franz said mowing your lawn was sacred service" myth. This is the man who was DF'd for "rushing ahead." Ironic for Loesch to say these things, don't you think?

    Now we hear of the WTBTS having their charitable status questioned in certain parts of the world. The GB knew of this well before any of us. I don't believe in coincidence. They may say that NOTHING will replace the D2D work, but we will see. Get ready for rolling carts and meals-on-wheels., and the sounding of trumpets in the market places.

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