2014 Convention Lapel Card / Badge

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  • AndDontCallMeShirley
  • blondie
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    I've never heard of such unprecedented paranoia before

    Do you mean jws wearing badges....jws have done so for years....or is it another point?

  • stuckinarut2

    Nice ADCMS!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    blondie,I think I got my post mixed up with another thread about only 2 entrances to the site where they might be conducting searches.

  • jws

    Even if I didn't go to the actual convention, could be fun. Wearing a badge, standing outside smoking. Or go to a hotel bar where they are staying and start drinking, looking visibly drunk. General no-no things.

    Could go to a strip club wearing the badge and tell the strippers you're in town for the JW convention. Wouldn't have much affect on JWs, but the strippers might have a story to tell.

    Thanks for posting the badge. Asked for this in years past, but nobody could produce one.

  • shopaholic

    jws, that would be a riot. Please do it!!!

  • smiddy

    Some convention sights are badge only entry.

    the girl next door

    Could you verify that statement for me please ?


  • SAHS

    “smiddy”: “Some convention sights are badge only entry. . . . Could you verify that statement for me please?”

    I am guessing that this might be implemented only for the sites hosting the international district conventions just to have some kind of verification process to encourage only those invited to attend. I have never heard of any other kind of actual badge check anywhere at all.

  • factfinder

    i used to like wearing the name badges- I saved mine with the programs as souveniers of the conventions I went to. First one was 1977 Joyful Workers."

    Last Convention I went to was in 2000. The heat kept me away.

  • clarity

    "Last Convention I went to was in 2000. The heat kept me away."

    FactFinder ....the thing that keeps me away,

    is the Bull Shit!

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