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  • paladin

    We received a phone call from the summer convention rooming department representative. He requested that our complimentary room payment for our three day stay be paid at the rooming dept. and not to the hotel. Our payment is to be made out to the WT$. Now this has to be one big money grab. I asked is this tax deductable and the answer was no. This will calculate into millions of dollars for the WT$ to invest our hard earned money. Just follow the money.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    What are you talking about? what complimentary room? You're leaving out some details here.

  • MadGiant

    Commissions paid?

    Volume of revenue?

    2.0 percent per room?


    What's next, airlines, car rental?

    Thank You and Welcome, this is your Watchtower travel agent. How may I help you?

  • paladin

    These hotels have been contacted months in advance for rooms requested by the Watchtower for guests and we paid the hotel after our stay. Now the guests pay at the convention sites.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I don't quite understand.

    A complimentary room usually means "free".

    If WT books so many rooms they will get free complimentary ones to give out to whom they please (or who pleases them).

    Did you get a free room from WT and they want you to pay WT regular WT convention price for it?


    PS Are you the only ones that have to do this because of your complimentary room status?

    You are not saying every JW that is booked at Hotel XYZ to being asked to pay WT instead of the Hotel?

    PSS Is this also to know who stays at which WT approved hotels or if they even do?

  • stillin

    That doesn't make sense. The deal is between you and the Hotel. Why should the WTS handle your money?

    thank goodness my wife doesn't feel obligated to stay at only WT approved hotels! Or guilted. Or that the very best deals have been negotiated for us by highly skilled brothers.

  • paladin

    Okay. Now I am thinking this must be a bogus phone call. I will follow up with the hotel that we are registered with.

  • bobld

    That is the D.C. scam.That is why they want you to stay at the recommended hotel rooms.They make arrangments with hotels that they will book x number of rooms and the hotel will give them so many free rooms.These free rooms are then paid for by sellected publishers directly to the WBTS.They (wt) will not tell you that thay got these rooms for free.Now you see how the scam works and they make big money off of D.C. oh sorry they are now called R.C.

    Anyone that books x number of rooms at a hotel will get a discount or free rooms ie weddings.The evil slaves make money off people like you Paladin.Don't pay the watctower convention , you pay the hotel instead screw them.

  • Finkelstein

    Hotels usually work off a pre-booking arrangement with some payment made at the time of booking.

    With that in place perhaps the WTS. is taking money from delegates so that they can do just that.

    Since its the WTS who is making the original booking the finally payment would have to come from them.

    The group discount the WTS. gets might be negotiated during the initial booking.

    The question comes in if there were free rooms also negotiated in the deal, who gets those free rooms?

  • bobld

    Finkelstein-There is a pre-arrangement for these complimentary(free) rooms.That is why they asked Paladin to make a paymet directly to the Watchower.They must be hard up for brothers to make payment to WT directly for hotels rooms that they stay in without some kind of reason.That is why they are picking on someone that is a little naeve.Or brothers are getting wise to their scam and they can't find enough bro to pay for all these free rooms.Also to Paladin how far in advance are they asking for payments.

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