What if you were a JW during WWII? Would you give in to Hitler and fight?

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  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    Outlaw, that's just Goofy.



    I friggin laughed my ass off at that pic..

    Mickey Mouse beating the crap out of Hitler!!..LOL!!..

    ................................. photo mutley-ani1.gif..OUTLAW

  • AndDontCallMeShirley
  • prologos

    you might think it is, --or you are-- funny, but to your own,

    70 million people died in this mess, and at least 2 Nobel prize winning families [ the Plancks and Von Laues) [google them], payed with their lives to oppose, resist Hitler, with methods like the JWs, not putting on the insignia, not saluting. I saw it, the disappearance even after the failed assisination attempt.

    is it all an evolutionary struggle only? where these heroes stupid idealists?

    time will tell.

  • Clambake

    I think most people JW world don’t realize that most JW went to the concentration camps to serve as free labour, not the actual death camps. Considering 95% of them survived the ordeal, it really wasn’t as brave and noble as people believe. Hell, it was almost borderline collaboration IMHO.

    It pisses me off when the Borg gives this song and dance when millions of people gave their to stop the horrors of Nazism.

  • problemaddict

    It really is difficult to say having not been alive in that time period.

    Think of it this way.....if you were born in Saudi Arabia would you be Muslim? Probably yes.

    If you were alive int he 1800's in the southern US, would you have owned slaves or though black people were inferior? Probably.

    Now if you were born in Germany after loosing world war 1, and saw the devistation the reparations your country was made to pay forced on the people, even seeing your own family starving.....would you have possibly supported Hitler who said he was going to being back the good ole days? Its certainy possible.

    I hope when faced with proper moral decisions, i would make the right one. If I was a JW there, i think i would have signed the form, and just disobeyed it. A live dog is better than a dead lion in my book, and who cares (considering theocratic warefare), if you lie on a German nazi document!! I mean seriously.

    Integrity is an interesting thing, and appears to be much more personal than I have ever previously thought.

  • sir82

    The JW religion was so fundamentally different in the 30's & 40's, compared to today, it is virtually impossible to answer.

  • kaik

    Clambake, I heard that before 20 years ago. Some JWs after the war faced retribution tribunal for collaborating with the Nazis in Czechoslovakia. JWs defended themselves in the name of the strict neutrality and pacifism. JWs were employed in the camp as barbers and Germans were not afraid having their throats cuts with a razor. I knew JWs who were both in German camps and Stalin gulags. Under communism there was fallout between two groups of JWs, one that wanted suffer martyrdom and other that was for pragmatic appoach with the Czechoslovak government. This second view won, where JWs were tolerated since 1960's onward in underground and let state police read through their publications. Some JWs believed that their oppressors will be turned into the truth and what I heard it indeed happened. There are publications on that subject betwen 1965-1989 life behind the Iron Curtian. It is also possible to request from Department of Justice files that both nazies and commies had on JWs and who was collaborating.

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