You Americans are the friendliest people I've met

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  • skeeter1

    As a Southerner, thank you very much for your kind thoughts. I do hope you return to visit Florida. Make sure you see the Florida Keys next time too! You will not be disappointed.

  • kaik

    Americans are generally friendlier than Europeans or East Asians, but there is also variations. I lived in NYC and did not find Newyorkers too friendly, yet I am married to one. People in the South are nice, but also I had observed selective friendliness. California is chapter on its own, where people can rude and friendly everywhere. In general everywhere in the world, people from large cities are not friendly and this is the same what I had observed from Los Angeles to New York, Montreal, Paris, Berlin, Prague, to Kiev. When I was in French countryside, people were very nice and helpfull. The same is valid for UK and Germany where people in small cities are very nice. I find the nicest people in USA in Pacific Northeast in Seattle and Midwest. The rudest and worst experience I had in former USSR and Yugoslavia. I do not think that Slavic people are generally friendly and nice to each other. The nicest people I had run into Europe were Italians.

    Florida is beautifull for visit. I was there for week. I am not sure if I could live there although, I do not know anyone there. Been in Florida from Fernandina Beach to Key West and I love it. If anyone goes to Keys make visit to Fort Jefferson. It is worth it.

  • wannabefree

    I'm in the North and I think we're pretty friendly up her. You are all welcome to stop by anytime for a barbecue, put up your tent or camper in my yard, we'll have a bonfire and in the morning I will make you breakfast.

  • jam

    Shirleyw I forgot to mention, a tour of NY with JW's. The restaurant,

    one of the sisters brought food from another establishment and starting

    eating it. LOL

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    I can vouch for the general unpleasant nature of the former USSR. Those people are masters at sharing their misery and making sure you know it. Then they'll quote Pushkin and talk about the uniqueness of their national 'soul'. No thanks. Caucasians were alright though, and at least their cuisine is palatable.

  • smiddy

    My wife and I , with a few rellys went to the USA for our 50th wedding anniversary a few years back and we had a ball.

    L.A. , Las Vegas , and San Francisco , all of which had their own highlights , but to me San francisco was the tops , I loved the place.

    I dont know where the phrase "Ugly Americans " comes from , we certainly didnt experience any of it .

    Not that I want to name drop at all , but we did meet Jillian Armanate at the farmers market in L.A. ( A lovely woman ) She WAS the freindliest American we ever met. One of the highlights of our trip actually , meeting a movie star in person .


  • KateWild

    I have never been to the states, but when ever I have met Americans here in the UK they have always been really outgoing, friendly and wear their heart on their sleave. It so easy to have a nice conversation with open people.

    I have a close friend from Seattle, she is very friendly and caring, she is still a JW though, but she stays in touch with me.

    All the Americans on this site are really nice too.

    Kate xx

  • ragnarok75

    I've never been to America,but have wanted to travel there for a long time now.There's a lot of anti-American sentiments in Europe and it really annoys me.It's almost always a pleasure to meet Americans.

    Hope I get there one day..

  • stuckinarut2

    Ahhh...come visit "us Aussies"...we are a 'down to earth, happy bunch'

  • prologos

    of people in US cities, I found the ones living in Nashville Tenessee the genuinely friendliest, but Floridans as agreed are very welcoming. One of them, teaching Elderclasses in Canada, remarked on the Northerner's need to come out of their shell.

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