Fred Franz Personal Experiences

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  • problemaddict

    I was out of high school when I met Franz in the 90's. I had "connections" to be able to spend some time in the inner sanctum. He was already very old, and he gave the longest prayer i ever recall hearing at the Long Beach convention in LA.

    I was swimming in Kool Aid at the time so he semmed great. Wow! Just like us! Except very old, a bit bewildering, and not quite there.

    Now in hindsight, I do not believe he was a willing pawn to any degree. Others took the lead, and made the decisions, and Freddy was used to research and do the dirty business of coming up with doctrine etc. He was kind of just another pawn, but in a posision to affect others.He was essentially easily bullied by the others if need be, and really its kind of like if you stand in the manure for long enough it doesn't smell like manure anymore. That is how i picture his tenure.

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