"The end will come when you least expect it"

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  • Ucantnome

    Noah was told to expect rain the end of the week. So as in the days of Noah

  • WTWizard

    The last chance to pious-sneer, my eye. They are just saying that to ruin what is traditionally a month to prepare for the upcoming year, so people will be worn down come September and the new circus year. What's worse is that, come December 23, Saturn enters Sagittarius. As I remember what happened to me the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius, if they pull the plug before the end of 2017, they are missing out on prime opportunity to damn the maximum number of souls through this cancer. Including the chance to snare as many inactive witlesses back into becoming practicing witlesses as possible. They want the hounder-hounders to start rounding up inactives in lieu of the extra boasting session now, and with Saturn soon to enter Sagittarius, it is coming up on prime time to push pious-sneering.

    Is it any wonder they do not want anyone to learn what these things have the potential to mean?

  • DesirousOfChange

    The difference, 1975 people were selling their homes and moving to serve.

    I think there is a wait and see attiude today, just in case the GB is full of crap again.

    All the evidence I see in the local congregations, based on the lifestyle and the decisions of the R&F, is that almost no one really believes it is imminent.

    No one is selling their home or quitting their jobs. They are unconcerned about missing a meeting or two or more. (30% missing on the average at any given meeting) They are concerned about their pensions and 401(K) plans. They are building houses (if they are unaffected by the economy) and having children. No one is questioning those things because "we are so close to The End(TM)".

    Yet, they are all trying to "keep one foot in the door" just in case Armageddon does happen to come tomorrow. Plus, most believe that it is a "good way of life". They have an abuncance of friends (if they're in the right clique) and for those serving as MS/Elders/or higher, it gives them a feeling of approval (and maybe power) when they have little opportunity to get that feeling anywhere else in their lives.

    Heck, they're just following the example of the FD&S/GB who are building a new HQ that won't be completed until 2017!


  • jam

    That's good news Desirousof Change. When I think about my nephews and

    nieces that is still in, hopefully they will not make the same mistake as my

    baby brother and my sister, not concern about their pension.

  • Heaven

    DOC said: All the evidence I see in the local congregations, based on the lifestyle and the decisions of the R&F, is that almost no one really believes it is imminent.

    I told my Dad that the JWs need to stop saying the end is coming 'soon'. Because each and every one of us has a different definition of what 'soon' means. For me, it ain't 2,000 years, 100 years, 50 years, or even a month. 'Soon' is like seconds away, maybe at the longest a day.

    I also told my Dad that when 'soon' doesn't happen, people stop listening to the JWs because they've cried wolf far too often.

    For my entire life the JWs have been sayin' the end is comin' soon. Yeeeeahhh... riiiight. And I've got some prime Florida swampland property I'll sell to you for a good price.

  • punkofnice

    Mark 13;32 "But about that day, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven or even the son, only the father"

    Just the typical fear inducing membership drive that the watchtower has promoted since it's inception (less than 150 years ago)

    Amazing to me to hear any JWs say "where does the bible say that?" People coming to your door to talk about the bible, but really you talk about the watchtower and awake and say "get with our program or be destroyed"

    just saying

  • punkofnice


    2 people.

    1 is expecting armageddon(tm)

    the other is least expecting armageddon(tm)

    ...when will it arrive?


    Judgement day is the day I die.

    That is when the theif is coming.

    Possible, but highly unlikely scenarios include some cosmic collision, earthquake or volcano eruption that destroys all life on earth.

    Because those are highly unlikely scenarios, how could you ever possibly expect (or worse) teach your children that is what we should expect?

    If you knew before hand the crap that they believe, you would run them off of your property with a shotgun

    ....just saying...

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