"The end will come when you least expect it"

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  • stuckinarut2

    OK, so didnt Jesus supposedly say "the end will come when you least expect it"? (or words to that effect...)

    SO, with so many witnesses running around in an excited way talking about "100 years since the kingdom...etc" and "it may be our last chance to pioneer etc"..."may be the last international conventions".....doesnt this mean then that the end CAN NOT COME NOW??!!

    It is supposed to come when they LEAST expect it!...NOT when they are running around EXPECTING IT!

    The irony and stupidity does my head in some times!

  • Laika

    To a JW does this not mean that the end will come when the worldlings least expect it? Not themselves...

  • stuckinarut2

    But Jesus was talking to his Followers when he said that.....

  • Laika

    Are you sure he said that? Where?

  • jam

    Every generation expect the end to come in their liftime.

    JW's are just covering their ass in case it come. I guess

    they figure, one day we will get it right. We told you folks a 1000

    years ago the end is near, we weren't lying.

    Question, how can the end come when you least expect??

    Every church going person believe the end is coming, the Bible states it.

    It will take a lot of BS for folks not to realize something is happening,

    the end just snuck up on me and I didn't see the signs....LOL

  • Finkelstein

    The proclamation that the end is near or soon was really a marketing strategy to get people to read the

    WTS. literature as well to spur the distribution of that literature toward the public.

    Now that the truth of that is being exposed on places like the inter-net, people are realizing the fraud of which

    the Watchtower Corporation has basked itself in for so many years.

    Just good old fashion Religious charlatanism folks nothing to worry about.

  • shopaholic

    They are all in a tizzy about it. If something big doesn't happen this fall, I foresee an increase in the number of faders and faded. The JWs are setting themselves up for a big let down.

    I'm thinking their will be an announcement related to one or more of the following this fall:

    1. Reduction in hourly requirement for pioneering.

    2. Change in viewpoint related to birthdays.

    3. Inactivity as a cause for disassociation.

    4. Another stinging campaign (remember the campaign two years ago that was suppose the trigger the great tribulation )

  • jam

    The difference, 1975 people were selling their homes and moving to serve.

    I think there is a wait and see attiude today, just in case the GB is full of crap again.

    The BIG mistake, we who was around in 1975 is still alive, it's to early for another

    false prediction. This one will bite them in the butt. LOL

  • sparrowdown

    I know it always seemed so patently obvious to me that if they were "expecting the end to come", "very soon", they're kidding themselves.

    You feel like saying (sarcastically of course)- "yes, billions now living will never die!".

    Except JWs don't get sarcasm and would agree with you wholeheartedly.

    There's are many scrip's that more than imply that there will an element of surprise (even for Jesus followers).

    So anyone that claims "this could be last memorial, RC, COvisit, etc ", either does'nt read what Jesus himself said or totally discounts it to mean "but that scrip is talking about false religion, not us".

  • konceptual99

    ffs, even me, the world's worst fader, has worked out it's all just bollocks. I can't even be bothered to point out the utter madness of it all any more. They can all do what the feck they like, I just don't care anymore...

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