The WT Isn't Going Away (sorry got long)

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  • LostGeneration

    I've seen more threads and comments in the last week about the "demise of the WT" than in some time. Several were on threads about the donation arrangement and how its going to backfire in some way on the WT. Oh and the lone Elder who was pissed in some sort of passive-aggresive manner about it when he presented the resolution.

    Sorry. You probably aren't going to like this.

    The WT isn't going away, in fact this new donation arrangement is a stroke of cult genius, and entrenches them for decades to come. In a single letter, they have 1.) managed to extract all additional funds beyond $5,000 from every congregation in the first world and 2.) instituted a tithe on every congregation without the membership identifying it as a tithe.

    They have fully transitioned from a publishing cult to a real estate cult.

    In doing this, they have removed all accountability at the local level. In the past, congos would save up money in a building fund and there would be reports on how much was in the fund locally. When they were ready, they would buy the land, borrow any extra they might need from HQ, and know exactly how much they would be paying and for how long.

    Now they have obligated themselves to a monthly payment until Armageddon comes, whether they have a mortgage or not. When the accounts report is read each month, and there isn't enough cash, the loyal troops will hear "DEFICIT" because of this factored in contribution. The local account will start to deplete, and loyal Johnny JW will dig a little deeper and put extra money in the box.

    And when the time comes for a refurb or a new building, they get in line and WAIT. For how long? Who knows...they will have ZERO knowledge about their place in line, how much it costs, and how much money the WTS holds in this "building fund". And that is exactly what the WTS wants.

    They now have another income stream over which there is ZERO accountability. Just like we know nothing about their financial situation when it comes to the World Wide work, and their real estate sales in Brooklyn, we will know nothing about this 'building fund' and how much it takes in or spends each year.

    Its amazing when you think about in from a high level. A TAX FREE corporation gets donations from 7 million investors who also donate their time. These customers expect nothing in return other that a vague promise of everlasting life, something the corporation delivers via their APPOINTMENT FROM JEHOVAH. In the meantime, the corporation has zero accountability to the investor as far as financial reporting. In fact, they can simply send out letters calling for more capital at any given time if necesarry!

    Its a scam of monumental proportions, but it works because people believe the lie, they don't want to die and they think being a JW is the key to never, ever being six feet under.

    So what is an active JW to do?

    The point is that if your are 'in' there isn't going to be some massive crumbling of the WT that will set you and your loved ones free. Some of the posts I've been seeing seem to have a hopeful tone to them, in that all of this money grubbing is going to backfire, and the troops are going to 'wake up' and leave. They aren't. They will go to their graves believing this is "God's organization", just as millions have before them.

    Get out.

    Live your life.

    Don't look back.

  • quellycatface

    Good post. It's certainly something to think about. I know I believed it and I'm quite a sceptic in other areas.

  • A.proclaimer

    This religion won't be gone anytime soon. They're learning to adapt and strategize, its still growing like many other religions. An elder told me that this new arrangement gives out less information to congregations. Guys from bethel will be the ones purchasing land and spending the money, and making the plans. Congregations and elders won't know where it's bought or the costs until after it's all been done. All very hush hush.

  • Fernando

    The scam ™ fully and accurately deconstructed in under 3 minutes.

    Too bad that so many of those being scammed are being badly blindsided.

    They are addicted to, following and worshipping a VISIBLE corrupt manmade organisation exposed by its many toxic fruits.

    Still I am hopeful of her unexpectedly sudden demise.

    My personal experience has also helped confirm for me that she is one of Babylon's many harlots.

    (Revelation 18:21) . . .“Thus with a swift pitch will Babylon the great city be hurled down, and she will never be found again.

  • kneehighmiah

    I Disagree with a few things. first thing is that even though someone may remain in the organization, that doesn't mean they will continue to donate. If they have doubts they will not voice them, but they will cut back on donations. donations were the first thing I stopped. Second, people are already defying Brooklyn authority. That's why a video begging people to attend the Detroit convention was necessary. Apathy is very powerful. People continue to wake up and they can no longer recruit. They are simply getting as much money as they can because they know long term growth is very bleak.

  • Magnum

    Depends on what you mean by "going away". True the org may continue to exist, but not in the way that it is has in the past. In the past, there was believabilty, seeming nobility, and seeming scholarship. The org attracted quality, stable, intelligent, well-read outsiders. There was excitement. But no more. That's all gone. So the org that a lot of us knew has already 'gone away'.

    There are a lot of websites, retail store chains, musical groups, etc. that were once popular and that still exist, but they're just irrelevant now, and virtually nobody cares about them anymore. I think the org is in the process of becoming like that. So I say the org's heyday is already over, and it's status and reputation are declining. Maybe there will always be some vestige of it, but to me it's all downhill as far as quality. They've cried wolf too many times. It will be more and more difficult to get recruits with the passage of time and the increasing availability of knowledge. A lot of the growth lately has come from inside - from JW offspring and relatives. But I'm not seeing that anymore. I see very few prospects even from JW offspring.

  • Magnum

    kneehighmiah: They are simply getting as much money as they can because they know long term growth is very bleak.

    I think that might be true. Maybe they see the writnig on the wall and are trying to get the money while they can.

  • LostGeneration

    Kneehigh- But you have woken up. Unless someone has woken up, or they are in real financial straights, they give. May not be much, but when you multilply by a few million you run into some real cash. As to the defiance you talk about, are they leaving? No they might not go to Detroit this summer, but most will make their way to a DC in some other area, and chip off $100 bucks while attending. As long as they are under mind control that this is Gods Org, they give of time, or money, or both.

    Magnum- They don't care about ideas or excitement anymore. They are a full blown cult, blind obedience and loyalty is all they want, screw intelligent thinking. The difference is they have a base of support, its just a matter of keeping the ship afloat, not growing. Hitler's quote "Tell a lie, make it a big lie, and keep repeating it". Their lie is "We are God's organization". That is all they spout in their talks and literature. And that is why they have blind adherants who keep coming back week after week, year after year. I'm not denying their growth is suspect, and may even decline slowly in the years ahead. I'm just arguing no implosion is imminent, especially with this new money scheme.

  • Magnum

    LostGeneration - I'm not sure, but I might agree with you that no implosion is imminent. When I look around the local congregations, I see blind, unreasonable, brainwashed cult members who lack intelligence. That kind might never wake up, so, again, you might be right. But, as I indicated above, I think the org is irrelevant now. No outsiders take it seriously or even notice. The mags are a joke. The meetings are boring. The ministry is fruitless. I believe kneehighmiah might be right in his stating that the org knows its growth prospects are weak so it's getting the money now.

    I wouldn't completely rule out the possiblity of an implosion, though. A tipping point could be reached, and it could all cascade downhill.

  • villagegirl

    Look what happened to Blockbuster. I still haven't returned my last video.

    And one minute Sarah Palin was flying high and then, nothin'

    and Phone Books, huge, thousands of pages, weighed a ton, and then nothin'

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