Nestor and Toni Kuilan in the works of a new book!

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  • A.proclaimer

    Nestor and Toni Kuilan are writing a book of their memoirs surrounding their experience with the 1980 apostasy hunts.

    Read a little bit about it here:

    Their website (its only in spanish)

    I translated the introduction of the book for anyone who wants to read and understand it in english:


    It was around 7:45 in the morning when I observed that they had slipped in a note from under the door. The note said: “the die is cast”. This caused us much bitterness, sadness, and nervousness.

    A little while later, there was a soft knock at the door and when I opened it, there was Mr. John Booth, an elder who was a member of the Governing Body of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. He extended his arm to give me a white envelope and I invited him in but he declined. I invited him in repeatedly but he said no and continued to insist with gestures for me to take the envelope. This man, who was my spiritual brother, definitely did not want to start a conversation with me and it was obvious that he was very nervous. Since he did not want to enter my living quarters, I took the letter and he left immediately without having a chance to talk.

    I closed the door quietly and thoughtfully since I knew what the envelope contained. I opened the letter and I noticed that it came directly from the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I began to read it to my wife, Toni.

    The contents of the letter was very brief; it said that I was being disfellowshipped from the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses for concealing an apostate movement and if I ever repented and wanted to return to the organization in the future, I would have to go directly to them and not to a congregation.

    All this happened while Toni and I lived and worked at the Headquarters of the Watchtower Society in New York City. They had made a public announcement of my disfellowshipping to all members and for that reason, with the intention of informing me, a friend had left me the note and before long I was given the official letter.

    What made us belong and work at the headquarters of this religious organization? What events led to my abrupt departure from this? Let us go back to the beginning of this story and let us see how it all started on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

  • Dogpatch

    Randy 2013

    I have arrangements to go visit Nestor and Toni in about 10 days.

    When I was at Bethel, they were dismissed from Bethel, and were then vilified by Albert Schroeder and all the other GB members. But although I kept in touch with Cris and Norma, I never got to locate Toni and Nestor. They worked with Cris and Norma and perhaps others in translating the NWT into Spanish.

    Wonderful, beautiful people. The WT's treatment of them was dispicable. I want to catch the feeling and emotions they experienced, and how they overcame the great shock, settled down, and started a new life. Nestor is also a life coach! Apparently a very good one, too.

    As it turn out, they have been back in Puerto Rico selling real estate for some time... and have quite a business going! Why not? Puerto Rico will probably be our 51st state sooner or later. It pretty much carries all the same laws, including retirement, medical, etc. if you have Medicare, SS, etc.

    Anyway, it will be great to stay up late at night and hear the story right from their mouths. If they allow me, I plan on videotaping much of them tell their experience if all works out as planned. It will be a first!

    Keep me in your thoughts and prayers that it all works out. I am going alone, paid entirely by miles I've saved for 6 years, and will be in an entirely different environment and people. But I sure want to get to talk to them a lot and ask questions I've had about their own personal experience since 1979. I left Bethel in 1980.

    It's great to finally meet people in person you have talked about for over 30 years. :-))

    Randy Watters

  • Dogpatch

    Meet Nestor and Toni (used by permission form Cedars' article on his site).

    Listen to Cris and Norma talk about their experience (from a Bill and Joan Cetnar ex-JW convention in the 80s).

    Many more satiroes, links, interviews, video, etc.:

    I spread these tapes all over the world, along with the very first expose' in print of The WT's ouster of Ray Franz by someone who watched it. 10,000 copies sent to every cult ministry and group of pastors I could find, all over the world, in 1981. (That's how my ministry got started in 1981).

    I was flabbergasted that no one from Bethel said a peep to the news for so long. So I visited Ed Gruss (author of the seminal Apostles of Denial). A year later Ray published Crisis of Conscience, filling out much of the rest of the story, and it (his book) changed the Watch Tower World forever.

    Not too many of us are still around from that era. I prefer video interviews, with no notes.


  • suavojr


    Where are Cris and Norma?

  • Dogpatch

    Puerto Rico! Our 51st state. :-))


  • suavojr

    Have fun and looking forward to view the interview. Be careful down south!

  • wallsofjericho


    we still appreciate all your hard work

    i made a donation at freeminds to help younon your trip

    bedt of luck. looking forward to seeing the end result

  • Dogpatch

    Thank you wallsofjericho!

    It helps. No paycheck for a year makes me very appreciative. :-))


  • Iamallcool
  • wallsofjericho

    i wish i could give more

    anyone else here readig this, please think about supporting randy in some small way, he does so much for our community

    tx randy!

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