Anyone recall asemblies actually being fun?

by tim hooper 56 Replies latest jw friends

  • sarahsmile

    Nothing about assemblies were fun! I do not think all the effort and hype was worth it.

    California was fun place! But the assemblies were not.

    Nothwest has great camping and fishing.

    Funny, some of us were at the same assemblies.

  • bobert

    As a kid and teenager now, I never found them fun. The only fun part would be hanging out with friends at a skate park during lunch lol.

  • jookbeard

    Wow , those exact water boilers were in use when I was a kid at Twickenham, just think the adults in attendence there are all most probably dead, or broke and dissapointed. No fun for kids though the exact opposite , what could be funny about being burnt to a crisp or pissed on for 4/5 days with bloody evening sessions as well?

  • Magnum

    I want to add to my post above. What I remember about the old district conventions as being fun is not the convention itself, but the stuff associated with it - being with family and friends, the exciting feeling that we were about to enter a new world, staying in motels out of town, seeing others during breaks, etc. I have feelings of nostalgia for those times. I am now growing older and I work a boring job with no hope for the future. I miss those days.

  • exwhyzee

    You have to remember that this is a propaganda film. The music ,the carefully edited scenes with smiling faces and friends hugging eachother as violins play is meant to tug at your nostalgic heart strings. Change the a few shots of kids sitting in the sun for hour upon hour listening to Fred Franz's manical voice....women waiting in line with children to use a bathroom, families sitting all day on hard bleachers under a plastic tarp as a rain squall passed over.... old ladies and pregnant women being hauled off on stretchers after passing out, Apostates picketing outside, a disfellowshipped person sitting all by himself and the film would take on a whole different feel.

    For me the only thing good about the Assemblies was seeing your friends during the breaks. The good memories I have of the assemblies were only momentary and they are only considered good when they are compared to the rest of the Assembly experience.

  • designs

    jook- Twickenham for the Peace On Earth International Assembly was fun. Many of us from California showed up there. Met a great couple from Coulsdon Surey and stayed in their attic for the week and later when we came back from Europe.

  • Ucantnome

    my earliest recollection of an assembly is being lost in the exodus to the buses from twickenham when i was about 4.

    i remember roasting at Busch Stadium

    the rain at Wembley

    i think the 1963 was an eight day

  • exwhyzee

    I heard the International Assemblies in Poland were the worst. You can't even see the stage during the Drama's. Apparently no matter where your seat is, you end up sitting behind a Pole.

  • jookbeard

    what year was that designs?

  • bigmac

    twickers 63--i was there--aged 15--camping in the communal tents onsite with all my fellow dub-brat mates.

    our congregation servant was wealthy--he had a cine camera. lots of young sisters got filmed by us lads. happy days indeed.

    i wonder how many of my pals back then are still dubs ?

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