Would You Become A JW Again If Local Congregations Could Become Independent?

by Space Madness 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • punkofnice

    They would still be a nutty cult. So whether I believe in god or not the answer is: NEVER!

    (Unless I'm given a million quid!)

  • punkofnice

    They would still be a nutty cult. So whether I believe in god or not the answer is: NEVER!

    (Unless I'm given a million quid!)

  • metatron

    Let's slow down here....

    All churches/religions are full of bullsh*t. I wanna see church suppers (communal meals once in awhile), no disfellowshipping and better treatment of kids in particular.

    So, maybe if congregations pay some protection money per month to the Watchtower, they can be free?

    That's worth looking into, IMO. I would like to see a torchlit mob hang the GB by their heels like Mussolini but that ain't gonna happen.

    If they became a half-way normal denomination, what would be so bad about that? I despise the leadership but feel compassion for ordinary Witlesses.


  • stuckinarut2

    It sounds like the op just misses the social side of things...?

    if real thought is put into it, then jw's are not jw's without the "organisation" behind them...

    go join another church if you feel a spiritual need...or a sports team or social group if you want like minded friends....


    No. Just imagine a bunch of people here trying to hold together an organized group. Many here still have so much anger, resentment, and many (myself included) are socially awkward, it would be chaos. One thing I hand it to the WT is that they do know how to organize and oversee

  • sir82

    Being a JW is all about being "united" - i.e., strict centralized control and orthodoxy.

    If congregations were to be "independent", it would no longer even remeotely resemble the religion as it currently is.

    The question is akin to asking, "Would you join the KKK if they stopped proclaiming racial hatred?" Well, if they did, what exactly would you be joining?

  • metatron

    So if it ends undramatically, so what? It Ends!

    I just got finished watching PBS 'Escape From Nazi Death Camp'. Some survivors showed remarkable forgiveness after the war. Maybe more than I could ever feel........ but it's good for the soul.

    If it ends, it's over. That would be all that matters. Let them become burned out Protestants like the rest. If my speculations about where the world is headed are correct, we're going to be faced with a great deal of reconciliation about horrors that governments have done. We may as well get used to it.


  • Quarterback

    Hell no, and miss out on all this fun?

  • Phizzy

    An independent JW Congregation is an oxymoron.

    Once you have solid, evidence based, rational knowledge you cannot go back to "believing", trusting that things are true because some man says so, with no proof

    If like me you are a lover of truth, that would preclude attendance at any religious establishment.

  • LongHairGal

    Space Madness:

    No. My experience with the JW religion taught me that I want nothing to do with any religion ever again.

    I have realized that I can be spiritual without any religious group, thank you.

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