Relationship with Jehovah?

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  • zebagain

    VG: beautiful words thanks.

  • snare&racket

    "Mocking about people passing through walls? Physics now says that we are all just light and energy and matter and energy are interchangeable."

    I like how you think VG, but I must contest this. The higgs boson field gives all things mass and makes these things impossible. It is one of our most recent confirmations in physics and it proves the exact opposite to what you are saying, Modern physics is astounding, but it has yet to offer evidence of the divine or of anything supernatural. People have started using what they believe quantum mechanics to mean, to explain away all sorts of belief. The problem being their misunderstanding of the quantum physics.

    I'm no expert either, but despite us being made of matter, with consumption of energy states, interacting with light....we still have mass, as does the avergae wall.

    This idea you are discussing comes from the misconceptions having heard that we are made of atoms and that atoms are largely empty space as is the case with the wall. But in reality, that empty space has forces acting on it and every attempt to walk through a wall shows the reality of those atomic forces. The best evidence being "ouch!"

    Snare x

  • punkofnice

    I was always of the impression that if I had a relationship with someone we would communicate. It wouldn't be all one way with vague ambiguous signs from the other party.

    Now I'm not saying there isn't something........I have my own opinion there.......but I don't believe a one way relationship works with an invisible, silent and seemingly indifferent creature.

    As a cult member I was never too certain I was being heard. That isn't a relationship, that's more like shunning.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Uggggg cringing now, as if i remember correctly to get baptised we first had to make a personal dedication to Jehover in prayer.

  • transhuman68

    To the OP: if you click on the 'search' box in the blue banner at the top of the screen, and type in 'relationship with jehovah' or 'relationship with god' you will find many threads on this topic. It is one of the puzzling things about this religion. I never got baptised because I couldn't make Jehovah 'real'- and as I found out later, there is a good reason why this is so difficult...

  • Zoos

    Punk: ...but I don't believe a one way relationship works with an invisible, silent and seemingly indifferent creature.

    ... That isn't a relationship, that's more like shunning.

    That realization is what ended prayer for me. Oh, I still believe God is up there, be He Jehovah, Jesus or both, and I have to think He cares somehow and will act someday. But I don't know how to make a relationship out of that. Being a JW taught me that all the emotion we wrap up in our worship to God is meaningless, empty, serves no purpose. I was deeply invested in the notion that what I was doing was pleasing to God, only to find out out it was all for squat.

    I like this scripture, Zephaniah 2:3

    Seek the Lord , all you humble of the land, you who do what he commands.
    Seek righteousness, seek humility;
    perhaps you will be sheltered
    on the day of the Lord ’s anger.

    I can figure out what His commands are from reading the bible. Not sure what righteousness is but I'm not going back to a church to find it. Hopefully it just means being a good, decent person. Humility is useful in many settings but not all. Nevertheless, I pursue it. I do all these things because I choose to be this person, not because it has been mandated.

    Finally, "perhaps I will be sheltered on the day of the Lord's anger"??? What can be said to that? When He decides whether or not I'm a decent enough person to keep around and maybe decides to talk or interact in some way, then that's a basis for a relationship. Until then... we got nuth'n.

  • punkofnice

    Zoos -

    "perhaps I will be sheltered on the day of the Lord's anger"???

    That's interesting....I remember that ''perhaps'' it always seemed a bit non comittal to me.

    Strewth, the Bible is using weasle words like the WBT$ does.

  • Dis-Member

    I think those that answer 'yes' should really define in detail what they mean and understand by a 'relationship'. Living a life that's saturated with fear, guilt, inadequacy, falling short, following endless rules made up by men, keeping up appearances, endless pleadings, beggings, cryings, to a being that never replies, responds, reacts, or answers for decades on end can in no way ever really be described as any kind of relationship.

    The mere fact that God has not struck one dead does not denote one has a friendship with him.

    Relationship definition:

    'the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave towards each other.',

    'the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.'

    I asked many elders even those I studied with who were meant to be my spiritual guides to describe their relationship with Jehovah to me.. not one of them could and many flatly refused to even saying: "I am not going to describe or discuss my relationship with God with you!"

    Well thank you very much Mr Elder for all your help. What the heck! Possibly because they do not have one. I have found that people who are genuinely in love, and have beautiful, rich and rewarding relationships will not be even able to stop themselves talking about it in endless detail.

    They can describe what they think God's relationship was with Abraham, Noah, Joseph, Job, Enoch, David, Solomon, Jesus, Paul, but their own? Not a word.

    They can talk about the organisation to no end... but about Jehovah himself? Very little.

  • Tiktaalik

    Nope. No relationship with Jahoover. Tried a few times but it just didn't take.

    I hate his guts with a passion now though.

  • punkofnice

    I'm going to invent my own god to worship and love.......all hail Bingo and his Teeth!!

    See how he reads the Holy Banana book!

    Love Bingo or he will kill you.

    ....................Oh, crud....I just realised....I posted a picture of Lord Bingo that no man mey see and live.


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