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  • TTATTelder

    Well this goes right along with the new arrangement of the CO making all the appointments and deletions.

    This will free up a night of the week for brothers to take the CO to dinner at a nice steakhouse.

    Let the Ass Kissing Begin!!!!

    LOL !!!


  • ShirleyW

    I haven't been to the KH since the 80's but that was what happened whenever our CO visited, we always had usual ministry school meeting and he spoke at the end.

    But I remember we always had an extra meeting on Saturday where he spoke for the whole meeting, do they still do that?

  • Magnum

    AndDon'tCallMeShirley: Ironically, if a JW were to skip one of the meetings during the CO visit, even if it was to stay home and do personal study, they'd surely be judged, maybe even counselled, for not appreciating "Jehovah's™ spiritual provisions".

    But when WT cancels one of the mtgs., permanently, now it's a 'gift' that will help a JW focus more on spiritual things. Hypocrites!!

    I have discussed with my wife for years the way they used to say the Congregation Book Study (meeting in smaller groups) was absolutely essential and they gave a number of reasons why. I used to not understand how it could be so essential. What about people who were imprisoned and couldn't go to any meetings? Were they doomed? Then they went and cancelled the whole "essential" arrangement.

    Like AndDontCallMeShirley said, if we had missed one of the midweek meetings during the CO visit, even to stay home and do intense prayer, study, and meditation, we would have been viewed as weak and/or radical and/or disobedient. But the org can permanently cancel the meeting, supposedly for the same reason, and it's viewed as a wonderful adjustment. All JWs will praise the GB for their wisdom and love. What wonderful progress.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Perhaps this is to have an extra day so that the CO can meet with the elders and ministerial servants on separate days. Currently many COs meet with the elders and ms on the same night. Maybe the CO meetings with elders will get longer and so they need to devote a whole night for meeting with just the elders alone and to ensure that such a night is available they have to cut one of the regular cong. meeting nights. Perhaps.

    Another factor could be the difficulty of getting free nights for an additional meeting night when a hall is being shared by 3 or more congregations.

  • punkofnice

    Oh don't the cult just love chopping and changing just so the R&F get the mistaken feeling something special is happening.

    They run around like ants yet do not realise they have no purpose in the end.

    Let's hope they cut back so much the disappear up their own bums.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Awesome news! LOL - the bellyaching about the 2 mid-week meetings during the CO visit was great but I'm sure glad to not hassle with that additional meeting anymore.


    One less meeting hearing the COW ramble and teach from her seat. YAY...


  • AnnOMaly

    Everyone will be cheering - not least the elders, who are customarily run ragged on CO visit week.

  • sir82

    My best guess is that this is being done for issues of Kingdom Hall space.

    If a CO visit does not require 2 nights per week, you can have 5 congregations per Kingdom Hall with no CO-visit-week scrambling. Which would mean lots of cash inflow as "excess" Kingdom Halls are sold and the proceeds "donated" to the new KH construction fund, and much less cash outflow as fewer new Kingdom Halls are built to replace them.

    Follow the money!

  • 88JM

    It also means CO's have one less talk to do as well, and also mean they got rid of the longest talk that is ever given nowadays - those hour-long slogs on the Thursday night were nauseating. Even assembly talks aren't that long.

    My best guess is that this is being done for issues of Kingdom Hall space.

    Yes - it will make rescheduling easier for kingdom halls that are shared by 2+ congregations

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