Humans are just 6,000 years old aren't they?

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  • talesin


    I remember being taught in school about the northern migration(s). So, this is what I take from the article.

    Aboriginal peoples from the Yucatan were not previously thought to have originated from the north, but these new remains, and our ability to do genetic testing, show that she is actually a predecessor (sp?) of the modern native peoples of more northern regions, ie. USA and Canada? That would kinda shift the whole kit and kaboodle of what anthropologists extrapolate took place. I mean, the facial features - yeah, very different. Fascinating, Captain!

    Make Lemonade

    Well said! I was thinking today, that yes, this is a journey of discovery, and how to help people just breathe and take one step at a time. The house-painting illustration is a good one. Any good therapist will say that is the way to tackle an huge problem without becoming overwhelmed.


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