What proof do we have that Moses was a real person???

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  • jam

    Thanks Shanagirl/glenster; The Bible just continue to get better. Eye opening info...

    Yes, Charlton Heston was so believeable but so was Superman...

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Check out Robert M Price's two podcasts: The Human Bible and The Bible Geek.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I am working on this topic for my book having finsished the historical David.

    The problem is the scant referance to Moses in the prophets. Once by Jeremiah (Micah's mention is post exilic) Jeremiah says that if Ms(e)s or Samuel were here Yahweh would still bring his judgement.

    SSamuel can be set aside as a seer from the past. Moses is harder. It has a root in Egyptian names.

    For instance:



    Thus it is likely Moses was historical as a Levitical (Egyptian) priest living in the northern kingdom sometimes before 722 BCE. But no long before. Historical memory doesn't go back that far.

    Moses is later givien the status of lawgiver in the Dtr. History.

    Later the stories of the Esodus are expanded and Moses plays a promient role. (E and J) Finally the Birth narratives and such (P) were added in the 5-4 century BCE

    As to what role the priest played it is hard to say but there is a curious referance in the book of 2 Kings to the copper serpant which Moses made. Hezekiah destroys it. (later writers came up with numbers 21) If this is true it appear Moses was a cult leader living prehaps during the time between 850-722 BCE

    There is one last thing to be mentioned. Elijah. Elijah and Moses have about 20 parallels in their stories that we could possibly say they were the same person but I haven't decided yet. If so Moses/Elijah lived in the 870-840s

  • jam

    HowTheBible: Please keep us posted on your research...

  • prologos

    we will have to wait to talk to Moses in the resurrection wont we? but

    Charles Heston, the handsome, had already a second incarnation: as

    President of the National Rifle Ascosciation.

    makes you wonder what wonder the Moses re-incarnate will pull off, water out of rock? creating sunamis, ?

  • jam

    prologos;LOL.. I would love to ask him, Moses what was the purpose of

    rod changed into a snake. Don't you think that was a cheap circus

    trick. Wouldn't it been better to call down a lightning bolt from the

    heavens and strike Pharaoh in the head. I think that would have done it

    for your slave masters, please go with our blessing. No need to kill

    all the first born including the live stock, all the bugs, dark days and

    the killing of the soldiers in the sea..Couldn't all of that been handle

    in a more humane way..Just asking.

  • villagegirl

    The Torah, (first five book of the Bible, known to the Jews as The Law )

    is the basis of all Western legal systems. Hammurabi is not the basis for Torah.

    Animal rights as in "don't muzzle an ox when its pulling a grinding

    stone, let him eat some of the wheat, the ox deserves a wage for his labor"

    is not a Hammurabi thing. "Don't move the boundary stone of a widow" meaning

    don't steal land from defenseless old and weak people, is not a Hamurabi thing.

    "Only allow your workers to go through your fields once at harvest, you must leave

    the late harvest for the poor to gather" is not a Hammurabi thing.

    " Always pay your workers at the end of the day" is not a Hammurabi thing.

    "If a man owe you money and you take his cloak as security, you must return

    it to him to sleep in, or he will be cold" is not a Hammurabi thing, these humane

    laws are all Torah. Look at the cultures the Hammurabi Arabs developed, do you see

    justice ? Do you see humanity ? Look at the cultures based on Torah and the idea of

    love your neighbor. The basis of the American Constitution is based on Torah.

    The rights of the individual, property rights, the right to face your accuser, etc etc.



    Moses was on the Ark with Noah..

    So Noah can Vouch for Moses..

    .....................................................  photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    LOL, Jesus had a ghostly chat with Moses and Elijah in front of 3 witnesses, he also believed in the flood, sooo what's not to believe right?

    I want religion to be a thing of the past and future generations free of it's clutches.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    One more oddity and it's rather shocking is those two northern prophets of the 8th century are Amos and Hosea.

    A-mos<<<< Mos?

    And Hosea is very close to Hoshea // Numbers 13:16- And Moses called Hoshea the son of Nun Joshua.

    Hosea starts preaching right after Amos.

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