What I really hate....

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  • etna

    Perversion, I'm glad you told us about the feelings you have and all the others that have spoken about it. As I thought I was a nut to think that way too.

    I remember getting panic attacks in early 1975 when I was 15, thibking I ain't going to survive armargeddon. I have these feelings too that, is this all there is, but as magnum said if there is a creator(which I beleive there is) then there is some hope.


  • chicken little
    chicken little

    I feel many of our fears in life are springing from the one main fear, fear of death. Coming to terms with death and how it is inevitable can remove many of the other related issues. An experiment that can really make you think is to actually use quite a bit of time on thinking about your own death. Visualise it, see yourself dying. Watch the process of stopping breathing and drifting into nothingness. Watch the arrangements for your funeral, see the family and their grief. Watch the procession to the graveyard and then the lowering into the ground of your coffin. Watch the years pass and the turning of the body back into the elements of the earth. If you do this and really accept that this process is inevitable then your hold on now becomes so much more precious.

    Thinking about small irritations in the light of your imminent death reduces them to almost nothing, relationships you can never mend once you are dead become important again. We resist dealing with fear of death because it makes us anxious, by confronting it we actually reduce the anxiety strange as that may seem.

    All the best in your recovery from anxiety...I have been there too.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Soon I will be 60 years old. From around my late 30's until I finally left the Wt. 2011 I suffered with similar anxiety attacks. I must say 99% stop as soon as I was no longer following the cult. With that said I hope you get help soon the heart is nothing to play with. Knowing this is all we have has given me a bigger propose in my life. I for my part in some small way want to leave this earth in a better way than I found it. I work hard at helping others who are beaten down because of life. I try to find joy in the little things and share my knowledge of living a simplier life. Being more active in my community is another big step I am working on. Sitting on the front proch of our house and listening to the birds and insects, watching a sunset, looking up at the stars are just some of the things one could do to reduce anxiety. Getting away from the TV news also helps. I feel for you. Been there done that. But there is hope. You have a long life ahead of you. Make it the life you want not what some cult wants you to do. It took me 54 years to figure this out and I am happy I still have time to make a small diffrence. Take Care and take care of yourself. Still Totally ADD

  • KateWild

    It's nice to see you have calmed down a bit drinking your camomile tea. Anxiety can really take over peoples lives, many suffer with it and many recover from it too. I wish you all the best in your steady recovery. Good for you for going for a jog.

    Take care

    Kate xx

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