once again I am convinced these people are deranged

by franticfran 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • punkofnice

    They live in fear of displeasing the great J man in the sky....or is it the elders finding out?

  • cultBgone

    Ocean has a good point. Most of us were also controlled by the wts and did stupid things to our friends and family. it would have done nothing but make our faith stronger if we read the negative comments about how terribly we treated people...remember, we were Brainwashed into thinking we were good religious folk doing the will of god.

    While our pain may come from those who are Brainwashed jws, our anger should be directed toward those who DO the Brainwashing...the gb and any who knowingly lie to the rank & file.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    This organization systematically builds selfishness amongt its members without them realizing it...

    As a baptized JW, you're essentially taught to save yourself and to disregard any baptized JWs who don't try to "save" themselves...

  • Vidiot

    sarahsmile - "They were mentally ill people in society before they became JWs."

    What's that say about the WTS, if the mentally ill feel drawn to it?

  • SAHS

    “steve2”: “If your very worst experience in life is being shunned, baby, you got it easy compared to some.”

    No one is saying that the people whose lives were affected and messed up by the WTS are the most severe type of victims in the world. But of course that still doesn’t make that WTS “okay.” Eating a lollipop dropped into a shitty toilet isn’t as bad as gulping down a lethal dose of cyanide or arsenic – but would you want to eat any of them? I really doubt it. The WTS isn’t the very worst or most dangerous thing in the entire world, but let’s face it: bad is still bad, no matter how bad. Anyone who takes cyanide or arsenic needs a doctor, or maybe just a coroner, but if someone’s very young child ate that lollipop in a shitty toilet that had harmful E. coli bacteria and the kid got seriously sick, the situation wouldn’t be nearly as dire or deadly as cyanide or arsenic poisoning, but the kid would still need some medical attention.

    The people on this site maybe haven’t been as hurt as they could be from other things, but they’re still suffering nonetheless, and they have every need and right to have the support they need. ’Nuff said.

  • steve2

    Good points SAHS. At times my wording is unhelpful.

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