once again I am convinced these people are deranged

by franticfran 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    Dysfunction cannot always be blamed on this religion. Some people are just screwed up.

  • out4good3


    that may be.......

    but this religion sure seems to amplify screwed up people's dysfunctional tendencies.

  • quellycatface

    Poor chap. My condolences on his grandmother's passing.

    They are indeed crazy and very sad.

    Glad I got out. Very glad.

  • twice shy
    twice shy

    franticfran- May your husband be supplied with all the comfort he needs thru GOD. I'm sure your love will offer him lots of warm support and mental rest.

    anddontcallmeshirley- At least he got a text message. One member here reported a while back she didn't hear about her mother's death from her JW siblings until after she was already buried for two weeks! And, they didn't tell her...she heard it from a secondary source.

    WOW! So sad they can't see the hurt in that.

    I wonder how they would feel if their worldly relatives treated them the same by giving them a dose of their own medicine.

  • steve2

    If your very worst experience in life is being shunned, baby, you got it easy compared to some.

    Cut to the middle east, Nigeria or the Ukraine for atrocities worthy of the verb, "suffering".

    When you're shunned, you survive, you develop and/or draw upon resources to build your resilience and remind yourself, that, while life is f*ing unfair, at least you've got a chance or more to rebuild and redirect your energy and meaning, oh and to keep your own difficulties in perspective.

  • SAHS

    “AndDontCallMeShirley”: “. . . it's great the world doesn't emulate WT ! What a terrible existence that would be.”

    Actually, I’m much more comforted in knowing that when I die my consciousness will simply cease to exist and that my body will just go back to the soil than I would be if I thought that I would be resurrected onto an earth ruled by the Watchtower corporation (alias Jehovah). Living in such a world where their Governing Body rules the whole earth unrestrained, no doubt with executions for clinking glasses or saying “happy mother’s day” or . . . . um, no thanks! The scientific version of death (same as a doornail) is way more palatable for me.

  • sparrowdown

    They have a self-appointed license to shun, to judge, to condemn, to slander, to discriminate against their fellow man and brethren.

    Whilst giving themselves the title of the "happiest most loving people on earth".

  • Ocean1111

    In all fairness we should cut the JW robot a break. It is the Bethel head programmers who are the real locus of corruption, and ultimately should get the blame for policies the robots merely obey.

    We have to rememer like any system on earth, the average Joe is controlled by the "powers that be", and it is those powers that will bear the brunt of the cosmic retribution of actual guilt or exoneration.

    We cannot lose focus of Bethel's guilt and apostate policies on what has now become also infused into Jehovah's witnesses, as actually Governing Body witnesses sharing in the crimes against their own freinds and families to serve a bunch of strangers at Bethel who wouldn't give a JW a free meal if they were starving.

    When one leaves Bethel after a lifetime of service thos GB rats boot them to the street, and instead liquidate a billion in properties and investement for Gerrir Loesch's swiss chateau.

    The average JW is also a victim, in the end they will have to live with the ramifications of what is really going on once they sober up from the "confirmed drunkards" at Bethel, when all they have left in the end is their former family, when Bethel abandons the suckers. And they will.

    Just because JWs are pompous, or ignorant, or whatever, (who hasn't been?) we should pity them for what they are really getting dragged into by the Bethel apostates. It has to reap what it has sown, and JWs will be the ones also sharing that harvest, for mostly allowing Bethel men and idol org to dictate their own conscience, while Bethel made out like billionaire bandits in the end.

  • sarahsmile

    Deranged, lol! True! They were mentally ill people in society before they became JWs. Nothing normal about JWs.

  • sarahsmile

    Steve 2 good point, 10 million Sudan might die before the years up! Emotional abuse of the WT can not ever compare with physical starvation.

    Individual JW allow the WT to control them to shun their families. Some would throw their family away even if they were not JWs. That is reality. People have a choice and hid behind rules.

    Most the JW snub each other all the time with clicks and petty disagreements!

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