How has you life changed since leaving the Witnesses?

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  • Antioch

    My resources are now mine.

    I'm building a good life that is contributing to humanity instead of being drained and used for someone else's vain dreams of salvation.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I have been out since 83.

    I am now retired.

    I was a deputy sheriff which, I couldn't have been as a witness.

    I got a retirement which I wouldn't have as a witness.

    I got a lot of college education.

    I played a lot of music in a lot of bands in a lot of bars which I couldnt as a witness.

    My family celebrates Christmass every year, with a tree up and decorated from Thanksgiving until after the new year.

    I got my son out of the tower by the time he was 10. He and his wife are both meical professionals making above average earnings.

    I don't miss anything about the watchtower. It was all a pack of lies.

    And time has proven that over and over since I left.

    They dug themselves a whole so deep they could never get out of it.

    I cant even talk to family members still in about the religion. Because todays JW's are not the JW's I left in 83.

    It is a different religion/ money making corporation, then when I was born into it.

  • BarHarborBarbara

    A few biggies:

    the biggest relief was not waking on a Sunday or Tuesday with that dreaded "it's meeting night" feeling that sort of sunk in my stomach and was a black cloud over my head all day. It took awhile to get over that, but it's so nice to wake without dread. Surely that should have been some sort of clue that things were not right.

    volunteering is new for me, and I'm going to great ends to do so. JW's focus so much on themselves that it's refreshing to give and not expect to have to place something or write down an RV in a book, just give and let that be enough.

    remember old cleaning hall days? Those miserable afternoons when even the conductor's wife and family wouldn't show to help, and the conductor would go nuts with how few people showed up to help. Misery, over and over, because deep down, no one wanted to be there.

  • whathappened

    I am much happier and at peace with myself. I no longer postpone happiness, thinking my life after Armageddon is all that matters.

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