Are GB problems increasing or is it just better communication

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  • joe134cd

    I was just wondering the other day if the GB problems are getting bigger (e.g law suites, financial, scandals)or is it just a case of they have always been entangled in some kind of drama, but with communication been what it is, it's now a lot easier to find out about them more quickly. What do you think.

  • nonjwspouse

    I believe it is both, with one working on the other.

  • prologos

    Perhaps the more and more convoluted doctrines are an anoying side issue for them, that they prefer to not have to deal with AT ALL, but

    it was doctrines that always were our perceived trump cards in the door to door work:

    "we jws are right and you are wrong" and that is why we are here.

  • Vidiot

    nonjwspouse - "I believe it is both, with one working on the other."

    Yup; a little from column A, a little from column B.


    The current old guard will die off soon. Will the new virtual GB survive the information age?? As long as humans choose to outsource their spiritual development, gurus will appear from the woodwork.


  • KateWild

    I think the Law suits are increasing. In the last 20 yrs child molesters from all religious groups have been prosecuted around the world, and WT is just one organisation that has had to deal with the consequences of covering up child abuse.

    These organisations are being held accountable one at a time, so WT hasn't been able to escape.

    I also think due to the internet there is better communication now, if it wasn't for the internet I would still be hopelessly trying to get RI'd with a JC that would never RI me.

    Kate xx

  • AlphaMan

    it was doctrines that always were our perceived trump cards in the door to door work:


    There are more problems because the cult is being more exposed by the internet. Time has expired on this Doomsday cult. The 1975 scare, then the time between Eve's creation, then this 1914 generation will not pass away before the end beliefs have all expired and proven to be false. The doctrines make no sense now. More & more good, smart people have learned the truth about this cult, woken up, and gotten out. This cult has many problems ahead.

  • Oubliette

    It is definitely both. In fact, the two work together. Better communication, via the internet and so forth, is helping more people become aware of the problems. Also, it gives us former members or those still in but doubting more confidence to speak up. By sharing information we become stronger.

    Much of the information we share is about the problems with the religion. As a result of more speaking up and speaking out, the GB have more problems to deal with.

    Also, the methods the GB use to "address/fix/solve" their problems always--and I mean ALWAYS-backfires. Why? Because they never address the real underlying source of the problem: flawed JW "theology."

    For example, blaming Satan for the reason many young JWs leave the religion will never address the tremendous attrition rate among born-in JWs because Satan is NOT the problem. Again, its flawed JW "theology" with its associated punitive practices.

    Similarly, changing the rules for how elders handle pedophiles in the congregation will never solve the problem until the GB treats child molestation as the crime that it is and requires absolute mandatory reporting in 100% of any allegations of sexual abuse of minors. The "two witness" rule must not apply in these situations. Let the criminal justice system sort it out.

    The GB's problems are self-created and the information age is shining a bright light on their hopelessly flawed approach to everything.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Oubliettte...cant argue with that.


    True dat, Oubliette!!

    I would add that in my opinion, there is no "scriptural" reason why Jeehoobers appointed "Superior Authorities" cannot act as the second witness. Hell, forensics is a "witness." Of course evidence can be lost, destroyed, or deteriorate in the case of sexual abuse, perhaps that is why the GB loves to hold up the investigatory process?? Still, you are right. Until they confront the real issues, everything else is just spin.


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