Quick! Help Needed for TTATT!!!

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    Villiagegirl, that is true! Wonderful job!

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    The JW dogma about 607 BCE contradicts the Bible. Click here for more information about how the Bible does not support JW chronology. 1914 is a house of cards.

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    Make Lemonade

    This thread is encouraging. Education at work.

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    Hey there,

    It's nice that your hubby is talking to you about 1914, many here have mentioned you read jwfacts.com, I agree. Also I would advise you research how JWs teach their doctrine. It's in the appendix of the Bible Teach book under the heading "1914—A Significant Year in Bible Prophecy"


    There is a chart explaining their teachings on how they arrive at 1914, as it has already been stated the year 607 BCE is the date that is used as the destruction of Jerusalem, but when you do a quick internet search to find what secular historians say it's 587 BCE


    Kate xx

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    HeyThere, how about approaching this differently? You shouldn't be scurrying around finding ways to disprove 607/1914 and the appointment of the Org; he should be scurrying around finding ways to prove it to you.

    Yes, you do need to do your own research so he can't blindside you with impressive-sounding guff, and so that you can ask the right questions to show up the discrepancies in what he says, but get him to do all the work.

    "So Jesus was installed as king in 1914 and ..." - "How do you know that?"

    "When Jerusalem was destroyed in 607 BCE ... " - "All modern Bible scholars and historians say 587 or 586 so where do you get 607 from?"

    "Then the 'slave' was appointed in 1919 and ... " - "How were they appointed? How did God make it known to them? What was the process?"


    Another thought (again inspired by poster Black Sheep): Don't jump around subjects. Stick to one question and, if he answers it to your satisfaction, move to the next one. If he tries to change the subject or says a lot of something that skirts around the issue rather than addressing it, bring him back to your unanswered question. It's been said that, if they keep wanting to move away from discussing your question, you're asking the right question so stick with it and tolerate no flim-flam.

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    oh...we also got into a debate about beards....he mentioned he misses his goatee but is self sacrificing to please jehovah...even our 12 year old jumped in like what??? why would jehovah care about a beard???? funny thing, we were doing family wt study and were on the page with the pic of the apostles and their.....BEARDS!!!!! we had a little fun with that one!

    Just a little info on beards. You may have discussed this but just in case, Here's what the bible says at Leviticus 19:26-28. Specifically verse 27.

    26 “‘You must eat nothing containing blood. “‘You must not look for omens or practice magic. 27 “‘You must not shave the hair on the side of your head or disfigure the edges of your beard. 28 “‘You must not make cuts in your flesh for a dead person, and you must not make tattoo markings on yourselves. I am Jehovah.

    This is where the concepts of no blood, no spiritism and no tattoo are derived from. So why is it NOW okay (not just ok, but required) to shave the beard?

    Is it because it's under the mosaic law, and that law does not apply today?

    If it no longer applies, does that mean that the other portions no longer apply, such as the restrictions on blood and tattoos? How can we have it both ways? Can we pick and choose what applies today and what does not?

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    If you want a mega-list of flip-flopping teachings to confront him with, I sort of brain dumped on this thread.



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    VillageGirl hit the nail on the head, Jesus replaced a need for a religion or any leaders, He is the Mediator the high priest the temple and the sacrifice, nothing else needed.

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    Make HIM do the research and make HIM answer the questions.

    JWs get off by blindly accepting and following what the WTS tells them. Most never read the Bible, never do any research (if they do, the research the WT-Library only), frankly, they DO NOT KNOW their own doctrines.

    I like the 607 question, but be forewarned, they did a 2-part series in the WT in Oct & Nov 2011. It was a bunch of twisted reasoning "leading" to the possibility of 607 vs 586/587 with un-named "experts". The only "expert" with this view is a JW who isn't really an expert on the matter -- as I understand it, he has a doctorate in other areas of expertise. IF this was THE SIGN Jesus spoke of, wouldn't there be SOME KIND OF EVIDENCE?

    They get to 607 based on the accepted date of Babylon's destruction 539BC and the Jew's release 537 BC (going back 70 years that Jerusalem was to be desolate). Then they pick the 7-times of Daniel, multiply by 360 years (day for a year, based on 360 days of Jewish calendar) = 1914.

    But NO historians agree with 607. Not one. You can't even find an article arguing against 607 because NO ONE believe it but JWs.

    And, what about the other 5 days per year? (365 vs 360).

    IF Jesus was annointed in 1914, what was he doing? (Those folks are all dead.)

    When did the WTS actually teach this idea of Jesus invisible appointment as King in 1914? How far in advance? (1930-something)

    From 1914 the get to (what year?) as the selecting of the F&DS? (See if he knows the year?) How do they arrive at that conclusion? Did they always teach that it was (???)? (NO.) Why the change in dates? Which reasoning is "evidently" right?

    You should know the answer to the questions, but make HIM explain it to YOU.

    Good luck,


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