Scientists create synthetic base pairs that can replicate in a living cell

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  • cofty

    To be honest I have no idea. Every living thing on earth - from cabbages to rocket scientists - is made of the same basic 20 amino acids.

    Scientists have began to discover how to add new letters to the alphabet in the "Book of life". New amino acids and new protein molecules and enzymes.

    Here is a far out idea - what if we could synthesise an enzyme that acts like a chloroplast that can effortlessly ease apart the oxygen and hydrogen in water? Infinite amounts of free energy with no pollution!

    It's a very early stage but the way the new nucleotides were introduced so readily is astonishing. It really is cutting edge stuff.

  • cantleave

    From what I have read this will enable us to create new proteins made from non-natural amino acids. The potential uses include new diagnostic tests and protein therapeutics.

    **Edit ** I guess this is a case of watch this space.

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