Are we seeing the beginning of the end for Kingdom Halls?

by nicolaou 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Finkelstein

    The giving of land to build a KH on is certainly wained off as the years progressed, the price of land itself

    has skyrocketed to an extent that only distant rural areas, will land be given to the WTS.

    The WTS. likes KH's because the are a center to train their sales Representatives its also a place where

    they can screen and judge people a accordingly to their desire.

  • steve2

    When I was intially told that only 15 sardines could be safely packed into a small 225g can, I had doubts that 30 could so be packed. We're safely doing 30 now. The wonder for me is why we didn't think of doing it earlier. The cans weigh more, while the space used is exactly the same.

    Sardines are sardines - they're not in the can for the comfort; their destination is far grander than their little fish brains could ever imagine. I see dishes that will completely transform the humblest of sardines. It is worth it on so many levels.

    The economies of scale are truly impressive.

    "Amalgamate, amalgamate, almagamate our Kingdom Halls".

  • hoser
    Awesome analogy steve2
  • TheListener

    The new system came invisibly....why don't you feel better?

    It's a cult!

  • OrphanCrow

    The WTS' selling of KHs and restructuring is being controlled by what the taxman is telling them to do.

    KHs are assets - the taxman doesn't like nonprofits to hold too much in assets or in reserve funds. The WTS is being forced to change how they operate their business model so that they can retain their tax free status.

    Tax reforms are being implemented in many countries - Canada and the US and the UK and Australia...maybe others - and the way that the WTS has conducted business to this point has caught the eye of internal revenue agencies. The WTS had made too much money and the taxman is going after it.

    Tax free status is critical to the WTS - without it, they will go bankrupt.

  • Vidiot

    What OrphanCrow said.

    And I'm starting to wonder if the WT's tax-free status may be even more tenuous than we'd previously thought.

  • aintenoughwiskey

    How can you shun, strut, and judge in an e-religion? On the upside, fornication would require a lab tech, cryogenic tank, and a turkey baster

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    Several decades ago I recall Nathan Knorr musing aloud about taxes. He said "It's okay with me if the United States starts taxing us, so long as they make the Catholic Church and every other religion pay taxes too."
  • oppostate
    "It's okay with me if the United States starts taxing us..."

    Of course, they'll use that as an excuse to ask the R&F for even more money.

    "No ice-cream for you!" Will say the ice-cream-nazi greedy-grabber Gobbering Body!

  • nicolaou

    In light of Watchtowers worldwide construction coming to a juddering halt does it still seem unreasonable to think that the sale of Kingdom Halls isn't being discussed at the highest level?

    Everything's up for grabs, I can't recall the WT being in such a state of flux as it is right now.

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