Short Online Course (Free) on the Fall and Rise of Jerusalem in 587BCE by Tel Aviv University

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  • AnnOMaly


    There's some unfinished business between you and Jeffro on THIS THREAD . Just another reminder.

  • Legacy


    All I ask is if anyone of you take the class....would you be willing to share with this site ? Then maybe even JW HDQ.

    Saying it all over internets won't work...send findings to HDQ....let them sweat....even maybe go on other sites & comment on your findings.

    I'm just saying....



  • Londo111

    Legacy: Sincere folks have been sharing info with Watchtower HQ on this subject for about 40 usually leads to an Inquisition.

  • Legacy

    @ London111,

    What about the media ? I have never seen anything in the Big Time Papers....NY Times, Daily News, etc....those are delivered all over the world. Many have said that JW news is not big enough for the big Media, is that true...Is how the WT is run, not big news if many who have left would ban together... I remember a sister was telling me that the org. doesn't condone the internet, but she did say, wonder why ? Because everybody on these sites can't be lying. There are so many hungry reporters out there, that just need a break, imagine if someone contacted a reporter, told he/she a story about the WT, then told the reporter, he/she could produce others with more stories of the WT....maybe at first it would be lame, but the more this reporter unravelled the more, he would have a breaking story (maybe enough to put him on the map). Just think if some one was abused as a child & told the reporter, then the reporter would contact HDQ & they would refuse to comment....that would start the ball rolling....the world would start to think, well this is God's org. why aren't able to defend themselves...publicly...they have nothing to hide...then the camera's would come & many of the R&F would be trying to hide from the cameras....I know this is just a fantasy, but it felt good to write it...

    If I had the money, I would travel to Jerusalem myself & research when it fell, have it documented .....then take it from there....I may share it on the site but most likely with a brother at my own hall. I've met many in-active witnesses that have told me they did research about the fall of Jerusalem & found out the society was wrong, but they faded away. What would it take to expose them ? It seems nothing works.


  • Londo111

    On other issues where the media took interest, they have received many a "no comment" from HQ, or they get well crafted spin from the PR guy. And reporters seem to give up all too easy. Perhaps the Watchtower is not hip and flash like Scientology, which seems to get all the press.

    I doubt the media would be interested in this issue. After all, it's not exactly breaking news that Jerusalem fell in 587 BC. Even if that were a new discovery, how many would care? Most JWs don't even know their own beliefs that well enough to know why this is an issue.

    The best we can do is present the research to any who might have a listening ear:


  • scholar


    Post 4024

    Indeed for there is always unfinished business with Chronology. I have not forgotten the discussion and I thank you for the reminder. I need to get a copy of Tetley's work on OT Chronology that I have referred to and the reference book for the new course in October.

    scholar JW

  • Kensei01

    thanks for the info...I have signed up for two courses already. Can't wait.

  • digderidoo

    I have signed up for the two courses.

    I don't think the course will focus on the reasons for adopting 587BCE as scholars take the date for granted without any dispute. It is only JW's that dispute the date. I think the focus of the course shall be around the events of the time period, as examined through the bible, archeology and other data.

  • apostate tizzy
    apostate tizzy

    Cool post ! I have signed up for the course should be very interesting

  • Make Lemonade
    Make Lemonade

    Welcome apostate tizzy

    I will look forward to learning more about you.

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