Short Online Course (Free) on the Fall and Rise of Jerusalem in 587BCE by Tel Aviv University

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  • digderidoo

    For those interested in the fall and rise of Jerusalem in 587BCE Tel Aviv University are offering a short 6 week online course through Coursera in October 2014.

    I have done a couple of Coursera courses, they are always of the highest quality put together by scholars of whatever the subject matter is about. Universities tend to offer these as tasters and short introductions into their specialities.

    You can get the information on the following link The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem | Coursera

    Emory University are also offering a course through Coursera on The Bible's Prehistory, Purpose, and Political Future starting May 26th The Bible's Prehistory, Purpose, and Political Future | Coursera

    I still enjoy the archeological and historical significance of the bible even though I no longer have any real belief. It's enjoyable studying this having no other agenda than learning. I intend to register for one or both of these courses. If anyone wishes to study any of these courses and wants a 'study buddy' for the duration please PM me.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    That's interesting . . . Do you know if you have to be online at a particular time , or can it all be done entirely at your own leisure ?

  • AnnOMaly

    Cross-referencing -

    Thanks for another heads up. The 'Fall and Rise of Jerusalem' one is tempting.

  • Make Lemonade
    Make Lemonade


  • Magnum

    Thanks. Will check it out. Am very interested in that subject.

  • digderidoo

    It can be done at your own leisure, though within the time frame of the six weeks. They tend to release the material each week for you to do, you can catch up if you miss a week.

    I'm definitely interested in the Fall and Rise of Jerusalem though it's a long way off.

  • A.proclaimer

    Thanks for sharing this, I find this subject to be very interesting, although complex. Carl Olof Jonsson did a great job with his book, investigating all the facts. I'm signing up for it.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    I just advised the main elder in my wife's congregation to take the course and I reminded that for several months I have offered a sizable amount of money (enough for a kingdom hall in latinamerican coutries) to him or the WT itself if they can produce the research regarding VAT 4956 suppporting WT chronology. His answer so far 'No thanks, I don't want to look into things that I know are wrong" (several months ago)

    and today his answer, verbatim:

    "Ok, thanks. But regarding your money offer, I appreciate the gesture to finance more Kingdom Halls, but I personally do not participate in wagers, especially regarding spiritual matters. I hope you understand."

    I replied saying that it's not a wager, confirming that he or the WT are not under any obligation to pay anything under any circumstance. All they have to do is produce support for their chronology using VAT 4956 and I build them two kingdom halls in Africa or one in Latinamerica. That's all. I even advised him to get the WT lawyers working on this. I haven't heard from him yet. We will see.

  • scholar

    Thanks for the information. The course looks good and interesting so I have signed up to begin the course in October. The text book by the instructor looks worth while so will purchase this also.

    scholar JW

  • Londo111

    Hi Neil!

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