Did Any Atheist/Agnostic Revert Back to Their Former Beliefs?

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  • Space Madness
    Space Madness

    Are their any former Atheist/Agnostic on here who reverted to Christianity or a belief in God. I became an Atheist back in July and it was the most unfulfilling depressive period of my life. I'm now starting to rebuild my relationship with God and I'm already starting to feel a lot better. Has anyone gone through anything similar?

  • sarahsmile

    Five years ago, I started viewing Atheist online sites and listen to YouTube debates, found the cartoon very funny, and looked at a few books but realized it was not for me. Never looked back. I decided my faith would be on Jesus and the Almighty. Yes it was depressing.

    There are probably a lot of former JW who go through several stages before they return back to God.

  • sparrowdown

    I had a strong faith in God before becoming a JW, but I also believed that he left humans to handle their own affairs. And I was fine with that.

    I enjoyed reading the freaky shit in Revelation, the poetry of the Psalms, the wisdom of Proverbs, Jesus words brought me comfort and hope.

    I knew I didn't understand it, but I also did'nt have to. The bible was a curiosity I had no need to "know " what everything meant.

    It just felt good, that's all.

    Then the witnesses came along and told me all the things I did'nt know might actually kill me one day, as God does'nt accept ignorance as an excuse.

    They took my simple faith in God, and acceptance of the unknown, and made me believe the way I worshipped was all wrong.

    They demolished my little ramshackle house of faith and put it back together again like a WT McMansion.

    Now my WT house has caved in and I am starting again from scratch.

    (sigh) Oh well, you live and you learn.

  • prologos

    sparowdown, and of course it is not just a bird house/ cage for a sparrow, but for the big elephant or blue whale you have to buid a house to accomodate:

    the Existence of the immense, majestic creation out there, that we have to come to term with, not just what we make of it.

  • Laika

    I think Perry took that route. Are you rebuilding your relationship with God through the Watchtower?

    I know you were struggling Space Madness so I'm pleased for you and hope you find some peace.

  • kassad84

    C.S Lewis

  • sarahsmile

    Sparrow, I had to learn that simple way of Christanity and Jesus hope! I agree with you because Grace is simple. There really is no reasoning to double check the bible for deeper meaning. Now they try to tell me only certain ones God will give a deeper understanding! Bull! Crazy.

    You are so right!

    I doubt any JW could have a heart felt love for Jesus because they are too busy convincing people with smooth words and building "WT Mcmansion." Did you ever notice how many times they expressed "heart felt love" as to convince everyone how they should feel. People heard it so much that it means nothing!

    Grace just feels good!

  • Space Madness
    Space Madness


    I don't look at it as building a relationship through the watchtower but as building a relationship with like minded people. I discovered that like it or not I have more in common with JWs than any other religious group.

  • designs

    Going back to believing in the god of the Bible would be like going back to believing Adam was the first human, slavery is ok, and the sun revolves around the earth.

  • cofty

    I find the premise of this thread to be very strange.

    I became an Atheist back in July - Space Madness

    How do you become an atheist - with an upper-case "A" - exactly? My membership card must have got lost in the post.

    It makes no sense to decide what to believe. That's what we did as JWs, we made ourselves believe what we were told we ought to believe.

    Immerse yourself in the evidence. Expose yourself to the very best arguments on both sides. Take years to consider the issues in depth. Your beliefs will eventually take care of themselves without your conscious help.

    I was probably an atheist for a long time before I even realised it. There is nothing depressing about having a personal relationship with reality.

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