How to become an MS in no time

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  • Batman89

    The method i used lol

    1) Be a good servant and make sure your WT and pub are always underlined every meeting(great for appearances)

    2) Comment every meeting(a "sure way" to know someones "spiritually qualified")

    3) Average between 12-15 hours in Field Service(another "sure way")

    4) Handle all your assignments aka company functions(carrying mics,stage, WT, talks, etc)

    5) Be nice to the elders(kiss ass), let them know your always available for any extra company functions(this shows a "willing spirit")

    6) Keep double life secret(in my case fooling around with other JW girls, who are all closet freaks btw i dont care how spiritual they look most are down to go to clubs, bars and do sexual things and still go out in service the next morning lol!)

    and thats basically it lol thats how I became one

    No actual christian spirituality, relationship with God or holy spirit required lol

  • Iamallcool
  • suavojr

    WoW, sounds the same way how I made it. lol

    Be careful with the JW freaks, though. They might feel guilty down the road and throw you under the bus

  • jgnat

    What, no toilet duty? Or do they give those jobs to the dregs?

    I am guessing also....born-in?

  • Laika

    I am guessing also....born-in?

    And father's already an elder also helps.

  • pixel

    That sounds about right.

    You gotta love when in the BOE meeting, when they are about to pick somebody to be either a MS/elder, they first read the 1 Tim 3 verses, and right after they ask: How many hours so and so did in FS? Not even one question about if the person lives up to the verses they just read.

  • suavojr

    How many hours so and so did in FS?

    but the idea is that you will go out in FS because you love big J and trust the GB. Therefore is equivalent to good christian conduct.

  • Batman89

    What, no toilet duty? Or do they give those jobs to the dregs?

    I am guessing also....born-in?

    I am guessing also....born-in?

    lol yes i am a born in and my dad was an elder at the time


    Good list, except now you have to add go out in service with the CO when he comes around and make insightful comments on the condition of the congregation. Make sure you mention that you really wish there was more you could do to assist the busy elders. This of course is more applicable after September 2014 which is when they are in charge of appointments and deletions.

  • westiebilly11

    so many born ins are stay ins....unable to decide/think for themselves.....I've seen so many groomed to stay in from glad i wasn't a born in...i walked in...and I walked out after 30 years....and as for spiritually mature MS....they seemed more interested in discussing their next car or drooling at unavailable sisters.... than genuinely caring for others....oh yes..they wanted to be seen to care..but off screen many were dead inside...with all the warmth and charisma of fresh fish.....

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