Feeling disloyal

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  • twice shy
    twice shy

    @ stirred not shaken; welcome. Spiritually weak in the society, yet so much stronger in your relationship with Jehovah and Jesus Christ. I don't know how it was for you, but for me, Jehovah was/is answering my prayers to draw closer to him by guiding me to the TRUTH. His truth.

    I hope that realism is a part of your family's reality.

  • tenyearsafter

    Welcome Stirred!

    I applaud your search for truth and wish you the best on the journey! It is a difficult road to travel, but a road well worth taking.

    I also agree with DNC...a REAL martini is always made with gin (preferably Hendricks!), and should be treated like a woman...handled with love and respect...and definitely not bruised!!

  • stirred but not shaken
    stirred but not shaken

    Very nice responses. We need to know that others identify. I have to remember how I would have reacted if someone I knew well left the fold. Actually I did know a few and I felt betrayed then disgusted and then felt pity. It's part of the structure, but it becomes incredible once you've been released or figured out the flawed concepts. I never really knew what the reasons were for those that left over the years, and I don't feel inclined to find them to ask them. Some were a bit on the emotional side, others were sort of full of themselves, but there was one or two that really had it together that surprised me.

    I came upon these discoveries rather innocently. Researching the scriptures and their historical background was enlightening and fun. Particularly the period between the last book in the OT and the book of Matthew. This would include the Maccabees and Hasmonean dynasty, the Qumran era and the forming of the sects of the Pharasees, Sadducees, the Essenes along with the militant faction of loyalists. The culture of that time was exposed to all of that, and that was Jesus' audience, not the leftovers from the days of the later prophets like Malachai. After the Maccabean era, the Herods appointed the High Priests, which would indicate that something besides the holy priesthood, initiated even after Ezra's time, had severely changed.

    Incidently, my user name, besides being a James Bond classic expression, is a play on words for the situation I now find myself in. But thanks for the lesson in the making of a good "gin" martini. I love 'em but can't handle but maybe two in one sitting.

  • Oubliette

    DNCall: I cannot tell you how disillusioned I was with 007 when I realized that "shaken not stirred" was what he said rather than the reverse.

    It's too bad 00DAD is no longer around. Maybe he'd straighten you out about martinis!

    SBNS: But thanks for the lesson in the making of a good "gin" martini. I love 'em but can't handle but maybe two in one sitting.

    You may want to ask DNCall about his experience with 3 martinis after a day on the high seas! You may want to PM him about that story as it's not really suitable for public consumption!

    I assure you, after that adventure, DNCall was both stirred AND shaken!


    This is a great website to check out, along your journey, and you are not being disloyal. Your actualy being loyal to true God with your research.

    2 CORITHIANS 13:5


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