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    I think this one seriously wins the prize for "most similar"...

  • jw07

    Watch the first video at it's like a bizarro Philippine version of the Watchtower and Governing Body.

    The man at 00:17 looks like an Asian Antony Morris the Turd

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    I hope that no-one takes offence at this - it's not meant to be offensive, merely recounting my experiences.

    I lived in Cyprus 2005-2010 and had many friends in the filipino community there, including a Filipina fiancee and a Filipina who became my ex-wife no. 2. Religion was very important to very many of them, but it didn't seem to matter too much which religion it was as long as there was a sense of community and (importantly) a good social scene. Not surprising, of course, in a mistreated and expoilted community of ex-pats which the Filipinas surely were.

    Most I spoke to had no idea of even the basics of the creed they subscribed to and were equally happy in the most orthodox RC church and the most charismatic pentecostilist protestant groups. It was far more about the social and supportive side of things.

    Which, come to think about it, isn't so much different from many adherents to whatever religion, including JWs. Ask specific questions about the particular doctrines and beliefs of 'their' group and how they differ and you're unlikely (IME) to get a cogent and succinct response.

    In particular reference to this religion, when one considers the pinoy diaspora (almost universally an exploited minority) it isn't surprising that it proliferates.

  • ILoveTTATT

    Joe, you've hit it in the nail!

    I am absolutely shocked sometimes at the level of "I could care less" of the Filipino culture and religion... they MUST have one, but they don't really care much about it...

    For example, my exGF's friend is a Mormon, but you would never know it... my exGF's parents have a disfellowshipped relative, they couldn't care less... they totally talk to and invite that relative into the family get-togethers.

    Comparing with the North American view of things, it's almost like a parallell universe.

    But then again, the danger with that is that you never know when a particular teaching will be applied... let's say suddenly they get over-zealous and stop talking to that relative, or criticize her for something... idk...

    But you really hit it in the nail.

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  • rocketman

    There are some notable differences - the INC gets involved in politics and members donate blood, for example.

    But the similarities are much more numerous.

    In some cases (explusion for marrying outside the faith) they are more extreme (but not by much) than the Witnesses. But again, the similarities are striking.

    Manalo's personal history also seems to closely parallel CT Russell's - disillusion with mainstrem religion, influence of the SDA, writing and distributing literature, for example. They can also claim persecution and opposition (a card which they no doubt play to affirm their 'blessing' by God).

    Parallel Evolution indeed.

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  • ILoveTTATT

    July 27th's gonna be their 100th anniversary:

    Here's the requirements of them: (from

    In the true church, there are not gazillions of requirements such as the false church of Manalo. How many
    requirements are there? Only two requirements! They are:
    1) Receive or accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, and
    2) Believe in Jesus Christ's name.
    That's it. After having the two requirements, you become a child of God. How about in the false church of
    Manalo? The following may not be exhaustive of Manalo's requirements:
    Preparatory Requirements:
    1) Must undergo a face to face indoctrination with the Iglesia ni Cristo minister, where you just sit down
    and listen while the minister reads to you the Bible using the indoctrination lessons, one session for each
    of the 26 gospel of Manalo lessons.
    2) Attend the committee prayer for indoctrinees.
    3) Attend the Thursday and Sunday worship services for six (6) months or 26 worship services.
    4) To get attendance slips as proofs of not missing any worship service.
    5) Pass screening tests to be sure that you understood all the 26 doctrines.
    6) Must be baptized only after reciting an oath to fulfill all Iglesia ni Cristo obligations until the new
    convert's death.
    7) Fills up R201 form which is a detailed personal information such as name, date of birth, address,
    telephone numbers of home and at work, social security number, education data, employment data,
    family data, spouse data, religions of family members, offices held in the church, if any, name of minister
    who did the indoctrination. A passport photo is required to be affixed on the form.
    8) Assignment to be under the tutelage of a deacon, if male, or under a deaconess, if female, of the
    nearest area group where the new member lives.
    Membership Requirements:
    9) Attend without failure the Thursday and Sunday worship services;
    10) Attend without failure the weekly committee prayer meetings;
    11) Attend the following organization meetings of:
    a. Binhi
    b. Kadiwa
    c. Buklod
    d. Light of salvation
    e. Edification
    f. Deacons and deaconess
    g. Choir (junior and senior)
    h. Records
    i. Finance
    j. Maintenance
    k. caucus
    12) Invite visitors to the weekly bible exposition or accompany indoctrinees in all phases of indoctrination
    and to monthly grand evangelical missions;
    13) Attend nightly propagation works;
    14) Do office works gratis (reports needed by central administration on activities of the above
    organizations mostly pertaining to propagation).
    15) Attend almost nightly devotional prayers.
    16) Attend extra curricular activities (visitations, looking for missing brethren, chapel cleaning, etc)
    17) Attend church celebrations and church sports fests.
    18) Fruit bearing of souls and converts;
    19) Fruit bearing of thanksgiving monies (Jul & Dec);
    20) Fruit bearing works of helping the church administration in all facets of its local operations as the
    minister requires;
    21) Fruit bearing of all kinds of offerings;
    22) Accept Felix Y. Manalo as God's messenger of God in these last days;
    23) Obedience to the Executive Minister (EGM) and locally assigned ministers;
    24) Obedience to all the rest of the 26 doctrines;
    25) Not to be absent from the worship service. Note: This is one of top three most evil deeds;
    26) Not to be late in coming to the worship service. Doors are locked at appointed time;
    27) Not to sleep, talk, or eat in the worship service;
    28) Not to draw back, withdraw, or falter, or exchange Church of Christ membership with anything else in
    this world. Note: This is one of top three most evil deeds committed by a member.
    29) Not to deduct contributions to the church in your tax returns;
    30) Not to get any receipts for any monies given to the church;
    31) Not to eat meat with blood or the so-called "dinuguan."
    32) Not to be engage with or marry anyone who is not a member of the church;
    33) Not to go to other churches;
    34) Not to draw back, withdraw, or resign from any office appointed to or placed in the church;
    35) Not to draw back (decrease) from thanksgivings year after year; Note: this is one of three most evil
    36) Not to disobey or question the church administration or its rules and disciplines. Note: This is one of
    most evil deeds);
    37) Not to be lazy in earning a living so there is no hindrance in giving of offerings;
    38) Not to cause brethren to stumble or get cold;
    39) Not to celebrate All Souls Day, Christmas Day, Independence Day, and other days of pleasure;
    40) Not to go to dance parties;
    41) Not to join any labor unions;
    42) Not to drink alcoholic beverages;
    43) Not to take illicit drugs;
    44) Not to look lustily on any woman. There is one exempted from this.
    45) Not to wear casual clothes in the worship services;
    46) Not to be a neighbor gossiper;
    47) Not to file any complaints or action against any brother in any courts of law for any case civil and
    48) Not to complain about anything done in the Church of Christ;
    49) Not to use computers to track any financial matters or records of the congregation;
    MUST DO:
    50) Become an officer or official of the Church;
    51) Annual swearing to defend the Iglesia ni Cristo against all enemies;
    52) Turn your nametag before entering to worship;
    53) Secure attendance slips if attending in chapels you are not registered with;
    54) Provide reasons to your deacon/deaconess for non attendance of any worship service;
    55) Attend all church activities and gatherings;
    56) Renew life of sin;
    57) Love the brotherhood by watching family members or any brethren so they will not be absent from
    the worship service;
    58) Deposit monies weekly for your thanksgivings at the teller windows in the chapel building;
    59) Contribute weekly to the local, district, magazines, EGM, and others, presently required in the church;
    60) Drop your offerings to the pouches of deacons/deaconesses every worship service;
    61) Do all the things taken up or taught by the minister in the worship service;
    62) Obey the church administration both local and central from the Philippines;
    63) Forgive brethren who have debts;
    64) Have a job or means of livelihood on the condition that it will not interfere from attending the worship
    65) Pray for self asking forgiveness of your sins and pray always for the church administration so they will
    be guided by God;
    66) Have a formal dress or attire when attending worship service;
    67) Pay attention to the worship sermon and answer any questions posed by ministers;
    68) Vote completely for all slates of candidates given on election time;
    69) Bring foods, snacks, and articles needed for the weekly bible expositions;
    70) Bring paper towels, toilet tissues, cups, paper plates, spoons, forks, spring waters, soaps, coffee, tea,
    sugar, dry milk, etc.;
    71) Reconcile with brethren you have disputes with;
    72) Make sure the chapel is clean and tidy, and presentable; Hide envelopes for offerings;
    73) Do all the duties and responsibilities for the position you are placed into;
    74) If working to count monies, pay any shortages. All overages of cash found are owned by the church.
    75) Pay for your Pasugo and God's Message magazines on time.
    76) Weekly reporting to the church administration in the Philippines.
    77) Send paperwork’s of status of bible exposition and grand evangelical missions conducted: Number of
    visitors, members participating, member's fruit status, others;
    78) Send paperwork’s of status of worships: number of attendees, visitors, absences, reasons for their
    79) Send paperwork’s of monies collected: Amounts received for all of the many kinds of offerings, lists of
    givers, mail with the report the remittance check for the week's collection;
    80) Send reports for the status of activities of the different organizations and their propagation work
    81) Send reports of inventories (quarterly and annually):
    A) People inventory report - Census of all brethren registered in the local, their status whether active,
    inactive, missing, if officers, provide their positions. Each name must have address, phone numbers, and
    area group they belong to;
    B) Property inventory report - Tabulation of all properties of the Church and their values from buildings,
    autos, equipments, furnitures and fixtures, entrusted to the congregation.
    82) Delist any brethren and remove from all listings and records in the Church anyone who dies of any
    83) Do all the others as the Church administration may require;
    84) Acts as locale administrator. Heads and supervises the officers and the congregation;
    85) Officiates the worship services;
    86) Indoctrinates bible students;
    87) Baptizes new converts;
    88) Spiritual adviser of all members;
    89) Makes sure that all regulations of the Church of Christ and instructions of the Executive Minister are
    enforced and obeyed.
    90) Makes sure the thanksgiving deposits will not lag behind as compared to last year's deposits;
    As shown by the above, there are myriads of requisites and requirements in the false church of Felix Y.
    Manalo. The Iglesia ni Cristo is a church of works and deeds, not of God’s Grace.

  • prologos

    may be the coming 'shoc and awe' hinted by COs wt new lite will bring the above listed policies into wt land.

    only an innocent and trusting, and religiously fulfilled people could be dragged into a controlled environment like this.

    Jw facts has the facts.

  • ILoveTTATT

    They even have their own "jwfacts"!!

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