If the earth is going to burn up as Born Agains teach would that make Jesus a "false prophet"?

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  • booker-t

    As I have mentioned here for many years there are some things I totally disagree with the WT society on but one thing I do believe they have right is that the earth is going to last forever. One thing that has always amazed me with Born Agains that teach the earth is going to burn up is the scripture where Jesus says "the meek will inherit the earth". This is clear and plain and why would Jesus outright "lie" about the earth if he knew it was going to burn up? It would also make him a false prophet because he would be promising something that was not going to happen. Born Agains I believe are totally hopeless when it comes to Biblical interpretations because they see a verse and will rewrite the verse in their heads. Then they have the nerve to accuse the WT of the very thing they do themselves. And to squash the born again argument that this is only an OT teaching Jesus states this in the book of Mathew in the NT. The born agains have created this dilema because they send everybody to heaven or hell and the earth is just in their way.

  • prologos

    wt agrees with the born-again and science on that (sun as a expanding star engulfing the earth),--but

    WT writers teach, that the sun/ earth system will be maintained eternally through miraculous intervention.

    the last one when peter&paul resurrected, Jesus walked on water and dont forget the water to wine goody.

  • InChristAlone


    Born-agains get their beliefs on this subject from the following verses: Rev. 20:11, 21:1; 2 Peter 3:10, 13; Isaiah 65:17; 66:22. They believe that the meek will inherit the "new earth" and that God will reside with them there.

  • dabster

    Nonsense, booker-t. Evangelical Christians believe in a new heavens and a new earth, in fact that the new Jerusalem will come down out of heaven, just as Revelation 21 describes. Read for example Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright if you're unconvinced. I think you may have read something by someone and then rewrote the teaching in your own head, attributing it to all other Christians.

  • jhine

    Great book dabster . Yes Born Agains believe in a new Heaven and Earth .


  • Laika

    Dabster, surprised by hope is a good book but belief in a corporeal resurrection is currently a minority position in christian circles, which NT Wright often complains about. Booker-t does like to generalise however, and appears to have no interest in actual discussion.

  • dabster

    Hi Jan and Laika - and booker-t,

    Yes, it is a great book. Whatever Wright believes about a bodily resurrection, he and other Evangelicals, eg. Ben Witherington, Eugene Peterson, Wayne Grudem and others (Sam Storms, Leon Morris) write about a new earth existing along with the new heavens. And they're all born again. Pity booker-t doesn't really discuss.

  • themaccauk11

    revelation was fulfilled in the 1stcentury it was symbolic, hyperbole language used by jews for hundreds of years.It was about the destruction of jeruslaem and the temple in the 1st cnetury the proheciesof messiah were about the detruction of the temple, jerusalem, the law and the old covenant, it was written to the seven churche snot the churhc of doolllay innew york or anywhereelse.There is no dual fulfillment as all types and shadows ended at Christ. The delusion goes on. He was talking to those people in that 1st century genration only a one timeevent never to be repeated

  • designs

    There are two camps- some believe it is heaven only as a reward, like the Lutherans. But even in groups that officially believe in a new earth you don't hear about it in their funeral services, its always heaven only.

  • NeverKnew

    I'm starting to see that BookerT is really good at creating false dilemmas. Booker, are you actually a writer with the WTS just testing to see what has to be re-worded? Unlike what the WTS teaches, there ARE denominations that hold to there being life here on earth after Armegeddon.

    If the NWT writers would stop butchering verses, one might be able to consider that there could be an argument that goes either way. At Genesis 8:22 (Torah was the highest authority of Scriptures)

    Genesis 8:22

    ESV: While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease

    KJV: While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

    ASV: While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

    NIV: As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.

    And now we consider the NWT's updated language Bible.

    NWT: From now on, the earth will never cease to have seed-sowing and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night.

    The WTS does a lot of quoting from Psalms and Ecclesiastes which are a part of Ketuvim. You might learn a lot from that alone.

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