They are i- Pad Nutty Now

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  • Poztate

    So many at my Wife's hall have rushed to buy i-pads,Androids etc for use in service™ and at the hall.

    Most know little or nothing about how to use them but have joined the stampede to JW.ORG ™ and the reinvention of the WTBTS.

    It prompted one elder at my Wife's hall to have a seminar at his house to explain how to use them in service and at the hall.

    HOW EXCITING.... One 80 year old pioneer woman will be there with her new toy.

    As a distraction it seems to be working quite well. No need to worry about 1914 or other issues.

    They are all nuts and getting nuttier...

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Yep, I had on an 80+ year old bro from my old hall pop around the day before the memorial to:

    a) causally see if i wanted to buy his engineering stuff off him before he moves house. (i had stuff off him years ago)

    b) invite me to memorial as an afterthought.

    Anyhoo, in conversation he wouldnt shut up about his new tablet and all the things it could do... This is someone who never had a computer until i gave him one about 8 years ago and doesnt have money to waste.

  • stillin

    Mine has been staying at home since I got it. And I prefer a book in my lap. Stubborn, huh?

  • NeverKnew

    I "study" with two people who can't even pay attention to what I'm saying. As soon as I mention a verse as a possible contradiction to what they're saying, they are jwgoogling my reference. Once, I read a verse to them from my ESV. Before they committed to a response, I was asked, "what verse is that?" I told them I wasn't saying because they weren't listening to me.

    BOY was there a raucous after that! They FLIPPED!

  • leaving_quietly

    Many of the R&F are not only buying these devices, but they're spending money on data plans so they can access the website out in service. Some are even pressuring those who cannot afford these plans to get them.

  • LostGeneration

    Haven't we all been in the situation where a co-worker pulls us away from whatever we are working on to watch some stupid video over their shoulder? Its about the most annoying thing in the world.

    And yet these JWs are gonna whip out their Ipad at the door and try to force them to watch a two minute video that isn't entertaining in the least bit?

    They may as well resurrect the phonograph and replay some of Rutherfraud's old stuff...

  • leaving_quietly

    As much as I hate to say this, the videos are capturing interest, especially with return visits. But, I will emphasize that just because someone allows a JW to play the video, the proof of how well it works or not would be whether those same people ultimately start attending the meetings and convert. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of fluff.

  • Poztate

    It looks like that is what service will become.

    Offer a little tract hand out with an invite to or play a 2 minute video at the door just like Rutherford's old phonograph days

    They may as well resurrect the phonograph and replay some of Rutherfraud's old stuff.

    I think the public will soon tire of this new approach and be kicking them and their new toy off the doorsteps just like Rutherford's day

  • Satanus

    How can ya argue w an ipad?


  • ABibleStudent

    I feel that the WTBTS encouraging JWs to use tablets will backfire on the WTBTS for four reasons.

    1. More money spent on tablets/data plans means less money to donate to the WTBTS for constructing new buildings.
    2. More JWs who own tablets means more chances for JWs visiting non-WTBTS approved sites. The WTBTS needs to create an app for JWs to use to protect them from freely searching the internet. I would love to type or in a JW's tablet.
    3. Most non-jWs would not be impressed with nor with JWs carrying iPads. Either non-JWs already own a tablet/laptop, do not like using computers, or they might steal the iPad from JWs.
    4. Most people do not get involved with dangerous cults because of technology. They get involved because of social influence (i.e., love bombing, sexual attraction, loneliness, born-in).

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


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