We thought it might be Armageddon when...

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  • cultBgone

    Were there ever specific occurrences which you or those around you thought might be the start of "armageddon"?

    I remember 9/11 being such a day as it happened right as the meeting for field service ended. It was the week of the c.o. visit so the kh was packed. We all scrambled to come up with appropriate openings to use at the doors....lol...spent almost an hour watching the tv news coverage with a hh as they were too dumbstruck to have a conversation.

  • confusedandalone

    When the announcement was made about 1986 being the international year of peace

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Evertime a major earthquake happened or a disaster which made global headlines - but of course, we (as Witnesses) know what is going to kick off the Great Tribulation - nasty old Babylon the Great (aka the world empire of false religion) being turned on by the U.N.

    Bad news for you G.B. - BTG doesn't appear to be who you say it is!

  • jookbeard

    the 1986 was a biggie, plus we had an obsessive idiot of a PO who endlessly banged on about the impossibility of the "old system" going into the new millenium.

  • kaik

    For 2000 years Christianity and its mentally weak members awaited Armageddon. World witnessed rise and fall of many empires in that time and horrible slaughters, plagues, famine, major earthquakes, scientitic revolutions, but Armageddon failed to arrive. When Lisbon Earthquake destoryed Portugal in 1755 on All Saint's Day, Catholic thought that Armageddon was just behind the corner. Poor St. Augustine and St. Jerome expected Jesus return when they heard the news that Rome was conquered in 410 at the hands of Goths. They could not imagine a world without Roman power;therefore, Jesus return was imminent. That was 1604 years ago. Jews still awaits their messiah, in each subsequent generation for the past 3000 years. Christianity can wait as long as well.

  • JWdaughter

    President and pope both getting shot in a relatively short period of time seemed very significant way back in the early 80's when we were waiting for Eve's creation and still giving some credence to the 1975 nonsense. That was the end of it for me,though. Soon after I got out. Phew. !982 was a GOOD year for me!!

  • JWdaughter

    My mom still gets excited over the earthquakes and of course, 9/11/2001 was huge for her. Every good disaster is a phone call or mention of how difficult this old world is getting to live in. . . . Even a school shooting, a mall shooting or a bad weekend in the rough area of Chicago will get a note.. .it can't go on MUCH longer, can it???

  • cofty

    When the announcement was made about 1986 being the international year of peace - C&A


  • krejames

    I remember the UK riots in 2011. Really thought "this is it!" I had faded but still was mentally captive. The riots followed uprisings in several other countries and were really scary for us sheltered Brits who accept unrest in other countries but panic that the world is ending when it's on our own doorstep. I remember thinking it was exactly as depicted in WT illustrations.

  • Zoos

    As a young teen (had to be mid-late 70's) the aurora borealis dipped into our region and I just knew it was the "signs in the heavens" we had been wating for. I had never seen anything like it. I was babysitting a neighbor kid when I saw it and forgot all about him when I went running home to tell mom amageddon was here.

    Scared the $#@* out of me because by then I knew all about masturbation and I WAS GOING DOWN!

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