How about FIVE good reasons we can say the Faithful and Discreet Slave is "imaginary"

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  • Terry

    The Catholic Church has Tradition and Magesterium.

    Protestants have sola fide and sola scriptura.

    Mormons have 12 apostles and a priesthood.

    Muslims have the Mullahs and the hidden Imam.

    7th Day Adventists have the "visions" of Ellen White.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have the mouthpiece of God; i.e. FDS or Faithful and Discreet Slave.

    All these religions have something in common--MYSTICAL links to justify their own authority!


    How can you be "faithful" to a text that you yourself are parsing? (interpreting and often misunderstanding and correcting through policy changes?)

    How can you be "discreet" if you publicly declare aloud what God privately leads you to say and it turns out to be dead wrong?

    How can you call yourself a "slave" if you are in the catbird seat, pulling the strings, voting "Truth" in and out by a 2/3 majority with your own hands firmly on the rudder of an international corporation?

    Not one word makes any rational sense.

    DOES THIS MEAN IT IS IMAGINARY? Aren't they just making up an excuse to tell you what to do without you questioning them?

    Five reasons why the "faithful and discreet slave" class is imaginary:

    1 The WTS has been inconsistent about who the Slave is. Until 1895 it taught that the Slave is the whole body of Christ. Then it held that the Slave is an individual – Russell. In 1927 the WTS again claimed the Slave was the whole body of Christ – this in their theology being 144,000 persons.

    2 The "slave class" has supposedly existed since 33 A.D. but the WTS has not identified any individuals, groups or locations of this "slave class" after the 1 st century until C T Russell appeared.

    3 The alleged "slave class" is admitted to have been spiritually "unclean" in 1918. Analysis of WTS publications of that period reveal errors by thousands – "food" so poisoned that the WTS now opposes its use. Yet Jesus supposedly inspected all churches in 1918 and confirmed the promoters of this poison as his sole "faithful slave".

    4 The entire "slave" class, now comprised of the "remnant", supposedly produces the "food". In reality most are never consulted in any decisions, publications or doctrinal revisions.

    5 The chronology behind the "return" of Jesus in 1914 and hence his inspection of all churches in 1918 is false. (based on false date for historic starting point.)


    (see: Investigator Magazine

  • blondie

    only 5?

  • Terry

    I didn't want to be greedy

  • Terry
  • Terry

    RUSSELL was born into a Scottish Presbyterian church but defected first to Congregational style independent church:

  • Finkelstein

    Nice rational evaluation Terry.

    The established spiritual connection to God by the Watchtower Corporation is fruitfully pretentious as all the other religious

    organizations that proclaim the very same thing. It truly reveals the self imposed lies and corruption of these institutions.


    It takes human intelligence and a bit of uncompromised honesty to accept that though.

  • Terry

    For all the JW "differences" with mainstream Christendom--they aren't much different at core--except more mean-spirited and unloving, less

    charitable and . . . well, that says it all.

  • Vidiot

    "Heavenly class", "earthly class", "faithful and discreet slave class"...

    ...and now maybe "generation class".

    I wanna cut class.

  • Splash

    Oh Terry! You are out of date with your teachings!!

    Ref you points:

    1. For a start, there is no longer a slave 'class'.

    2. The slave only came into existence in 1919.

    3. There was no slave in 1918, unclean or otherwise.

    4. The slave is not the remnant, just the GB.

    5. OK, we can agree on this.

    You're just not keeping up with the chariot!!


  • NotNew

    Thanks mom who is 80+ can not keep up with the changes. It seems most of that age group still hope for the realization of what they were made to still true...this saddens me since she is a faithful believer. I feel she would go off the deep end if she would now come to the realization it was all bunk!

    She commented yesterday on how I needed to keep up with all these changes and hoped she was in line with them. She is not able to see for the most part that something is REALLY WRONG!


    edited: if she were twenty years younger I would try harder to help her see...

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