The tower of Babel

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  • Crazyguy

    Fadetoblack the Sumerians were and older culture then the Akkadians but the used pictographs much like the Egyptians in their writings were the Akkadians first used cuneiform text with an alphabet and this style of writing followed most of the cultures of asia and beyond. The spoken language was much the same Aramaic, hebrew, canaanite, assyrians, babylonian all very similiar.

  • smiddy

    Their is no way the tower of Babel would come anywhere near the height of modern day skyscrapers that exist in the world today.

    Then their is the International space station containing humans circling the earth about every 90 minutes or so.

    Not to mention the 12 men who walked on the moon and came back .

    And now we have an artificial sattellite that has exited the solar system .

    Yet God got upset with humans because they built a little tower ?


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