kingdom hall insurance....??

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  • Pistoff

    When I was an MS, the congregation had a loss and needed to file a claim; the elders wouldn't do it, saying the 'society' 'discouraged' claims.

    I said, why stick with the 'society' if you can't file a claim, and when can we switch? This was not fair to the brothers and sisters who contributed the money; they were not getting their money's worth. Who would keep using a company that 'discouraged' claims??

    All I got was quizzical looks.

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  • 88JM

    This reminds me of the Kingdom Hall fire in Scotland a few years ago in Auchinlech. Do any of the members here from Scotland know if they claimed from the Kingdom Hall Assistance Arrangement? Seems just like the sort of thing it is supposed to give cover for - I assume they claimed and that's how they were able to do the quickbuild re-build?

  • Crazyguy

    I remember that Tacoma Dome parking lot scam a few years back, what a bunch of scum bags.

  • punkofnice

    This is the watchtower corporation(R) and their typical money grabbing schemes by the sounds of it.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Not surprisingly, this is the first i ever heard about the KH not having real insurance. It just keeps getting better!

    This morning i saw Cedars was talking about a new letter from Jehovah dated 3/29/14, saying the KHs are under compulsion to donate a set amount each month to the WT.


  • blondie

    I don't know about other areas but where I live and work, self-insured companies cannot just choose to become self-insured but must meet state laws and requirements. Those who do not insure and have a claim filed against them are held responsible by the law of the state and the state can take money from them forcibly but legally to cover medical costs, etc., for employees, as well as fining the company. It is "real" insurance. The problem here is jws are afraid to pursue a claim and when they do the WTS stalls and stalls and the elders blacken the reputation of that jw (a similar tactic by many non-WTS employers and their insurance companies).

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Hi Blondie, Yes i understand what you mean, that technically the WT has insurance accepted by law, but I mean in the sense that people are intimidated into fear of filing claims against it, they are not "really" insured. As in how you describe.

    I am so happy to be broken away from that corrupt outfit. I feel more uplifted when I walk into my local grocery store. I know exactly why they are polite to me, they don't make any bones about it. And they have insurance which will pay if I slip and hurt myself in their store. I'm protected and cherished for my spending dollar. Me and the grocery store have an honest relationship! LOL


  • JeffT

    We had an older visiting sister to fall inside our Hall and hurt her hip and back. Her hsuband was the visiting speaker that Sunday. She wasn't used to the floor plan. This sent her to a chiropractor or physical therapist for extended treamtments. Her husband, the brother, called later and asked about filing on our KHall insurance. We contacted the Society.

    The Society told us to speak to them kindly and with understanding, but also to ask them to file on their personal health insurance if they had any. I was the Accounts Servant at the time, so the Secretary got the dubious task of calling them back. A week or so later I asked him how it went. He said they were not happy about it, but had health insurance, and so filed on their own.

    Somewhere on their insurance forms there will be a little box that says something like "if this injury resulted from an accident check this box and fill out details below." If they don't put the real information in there they are technically committing insurance fraud. Of course, the only way somebody finds out about this is if a knowledgable person talks, which is unlikely given WTBS intimidation tactics.

  • blondie

    lown, companies intimidate their employees too with the help of the company's insurance company. In my state, you can file a claim and there is an agency that will help them through the legal steps and put pressure on the insurance company to play nice or else. jws are not just in danger from the WTS and have to learn to seek appropriate help. We cannot let fear run our lives jw or not.

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