Order in the universe

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  • BluesBrother


    Sun symbol.svg Sun Facts
    WARNING: Never look directly at the Sun; it can hurt and damage your eyes.
    • If you looked at the Sun in a telescope, you could risk blindness
    • The Sun is 150,000,000 km (93 million miles) away from Earth.
    • The Sun's light takes 8 minutes to reach us on Earth. That means that if the Sun blew up, we wouldn't see it blow up until 8 minutes later!
    • Every second, the Sun turns over 4 million metric tons of gas into energy. That's 881,849,000,000 pounds!
    • The Sun is as wide as 109 Earths.
    • The Sun is so hot at its center that a piece of it the size of a pinhead could kill someone 160 km (100 miles) away.

    Or Compare...


    Don't ask BluesBrother, I was no good at maths !

  • Viviane

    I find that claim very hard to believe. What's the hottest temperature ever achieved on Earth by artificial means and was it impossible for humans to survive within miles of that temperature achievement?

    Why do you assume it's all about temperature?

  • prologos

    good point. kill how? boiling? radiation overdose?

    vampire stars? good ones, seems to be one way to trigger super novae type?? to give us carbon, GOLD.

    it seems chaotic but gives us ORDER when we need it. HERE, --4 billion years ago, NOW, a few billions to go.

  • jgnat

    Super novas are the result of the collapse of a star of a specific weight. Vampire stars have nothing to do with it.

  • snare&racket

    Watch cosmos......the latest episode shown in the uk is perfect, it shows a simulation of tje future andromeda and milky way collision.

    WT is the worst primary school teacher ever.... bullshit and lies and repeat.

    man, i really hate the name 'milky way'.... we need to change that. Andromeda is a wicked name!

  • prologos

    In a law-ordered universe, some bigger Stars turn nova or supernova according to their mass.

    In some binaries, one companion* syphons off matter to the point where the nova-sequence finally triggers in.

    This vampire or cannabalistic behaviour is a great mass-builder and provider of higher elements.

    in the ordered universe, it's an order. and

    the order is : thou shalt cannabalize your brother/sister star to provide higher elements for higher life-forms that discuss order.

    verified by reading the link above.

    * the night-marish thought occured to me, if the sun has a yet undetected distant companion star, and it woudl come closer in 4 billion years, our sun could slowly replenish its hydrogen and keep the earth green, perpetuate the wt-controlled paradise nightmare. glad its just a dream.

  • WTWizard

    Stars don't collide? It happens all the time. Stars merge, they blow up, and they are pushed out of place when nearby stars blow up. Planets crash into each other and into their stars, or get flung out of orbit. And gas giants even form out a distance from their stars only to get pulled so close that they destroy every rocky planet in their way. Then, when draconians decide they want to take an orderly solar system with 10 planets and blow up one or more of them, you get asteroid belts and Kuiper belts with a million pieces. You even get asteroids that veer into the inner planets, below Mars orbit and as far as Mercury. Pieces hit the earth and tilt the axis, and pieces hit Venus and render it uninhabitable. Other pieces hit Mars, destroying its potential to harbor life. Of course, they lie and say it is part of natural planetary formation and attack those scientists that find evidence that the asteroid belt was, until relatively recently, another planet until a draconian blew it up.

    Maybe if joke-hova would simply die or get bound, we could have true order in the universe.

  • prologos

    the marching ORDER of the universe is production governed by law. we happen to have risen in a relatively FINISHED section of that construction site.

    Yesterday On APOD the farther, unseen side of the moon was displayed, and there was not one place that is not an impact crater. that was the ORDER of the day then.

    Give your smile of approval to the fireworks we see on display from the past.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    The funniest comment on the universe that I heard was a Public Talk on creation.

    The visiting speaker was explaining about the orbits of the planets and how precise they were etc. He then went on about a lunar eclipse, which came about when the sun passed between the earth and the moon! Audience reaction? ZERO.


  • prologos

    the worst offenders in this are the WT, book[bible] study conductors, they let wayward comments like that by 'publishers' go unchallenged.

    wt-ORDER in the unverse would be a catastrophe. from greek KATA: down.

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