Another earthquake and possible tsunami. " the end must be close!"

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    Its Armageddon looming everytime the earth shakes.

    Now what some dont realise is that this planet is skaking all the time. In fact I have a link to the US Geo-Survey which sends me an e-mail everytime there is a tremblor over 6.0 - You set the magnitude of your choice and if you have the setting at 5.0 you are going to jam up your e-mail daily. Most of these shakers occur quite deep down though - thankfully.

    But its hard to convince a dub that TPM is an ongoing thing -

    As a slightly side issue - If Jehovah is not saving people from earthquakes - among other things - lest it be said he has put a hedge around his people - then it is pointless to make a claim such as ......"I was saved from the calamity cos i was at the meeting / DC at the time and Jehovah save me etc " - otherwise its really very highly exclusive and selective ....................................

  • eyeuse2badub

    According to the WTBTS, big J has been resting from all his creation work for the past 6 or 7 thousand years. He'll fix all the earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, etc. problems just as soon as 'break time' is over. Soooooooooooooooon!

    just saying!


  • DJS


    I will give god a hall-pass on bad design. But she's an idiot for not fixing it after it became clear that her design kinda sorta sucked. It's similar to General Motors in the U.S. right now; they knew of bad design on ignitions for years but just recently recalled those vehicles after numerous deaths caused by the bad design. So I guess their record is better than god's.

  • Crazyguy

    when these JW's mention the end coming soon, ask them if "they are looking forward to that day?" Then tell them to read Amos 5:18

  • wolfman85

    Cofty , gladly I will read your article when it gets published in the NY TIMES .

  • Heaven

    So we have heard of an earthquake today, and possible tsunami...and immediately I am told

    " well we must be close".

    Hmmm... funny this. 'Cause in 2009, my Dad told me the end is close due to the bad economy. Huh...go figure.

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