Anyone Else Feeling Forced to Go to the Memorial?

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  • Oubliette

    Problemaddict: This is more for my wife than it is for my mother. It is just to much of a jump for her.

    That makes sense.

    You're taking Baby steps ...

    Baby steps

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    PTN, if it keeps the peace in your family then it serves a purpose. It's a small price to pay for freedom the rest of the year. Try to have fun with it. 100 years of Christ invisible rule!!!

    Clambake, upon awakening I realized that not partaking at the Memorial was a rejection of Christ. If I had attended a memorial then-- I would have eaten the bread and drank the wine.

    Don't believe anymore.

  • ABibleStudent

    For all you Memorial goers, have you thought about eating the bread and drinking the wine? I know that they both probably taste terrible, but have a martini or two before you go. If anyone asks, just say your one of the anointed. You probably won't be pressured to attend next year.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • LisaRose

    It's crazy that everyone makes this out to be such a big deal because even a liberal interpretation of JW doctrine would tell you that simply attending the memorial once a year will protect you when Armageddon comes. I guess it just keeps the hope alive that you will cone to your senses and come back to the fold. As if watching people pass around wine you can't drink and bread you can't eat is going to restore your faith.

  • WTWizard

    The only thing that will get me to this REJECT Astaroth Party is having me being forced, perhaps under court order or perhaps if the angels forcibly drag me to the event. It is a complete waste of time, and for me there is nothing worth my attendance. And yes, hypocrisy. The religion is supposed to be the only pure Christian religion, is it not? Well, I can remember this REJECT Astaroth Party bearing more semblance to a JEWISH festival than to anything xian. For sure, on Tuesday April 14, I will not be going anywhere near that dump.

    And I do not recommend anyone that can avoid going to go, either. There are plenty of other things you can do. One is to have the communion at home or at a regular church. Another is to simply blow the whole thing off. Some have suggested pizza and beer in lieu of stale crackers and spoiled grape juice. And, if you really wish to teabag the whole thing, you might go onto Joy of Satan and look through the Exposing Christianity section on that site. Just that section alone should unveil plenty you didn't know about that whole religion, and you would want to spend the time on that section that you otherwise would have spent listening to the wastefest. No parking hassles, no pushing and shoving, no getting booted from your seat, and dressing up is strictly optional (and not necessarily recommended unless you genuinely feel like it). You could also type "Christianity a lie" into your search engine and browse some of the topics, or videos, that come up for the duration of the party.

    Either way, it will be better than wasting your time going to the party. Whether you decide to have communion at home (or at church), the beer and pizza, to simply blow it off, or teabag the whole thing, the outcome will be better. And, if you are forced to attend, PLEASE do NOT donate anything toward the Worldwide Damnation Fund.

  • Phizzy

    By attending you are reinforcing their belief that you have indeed "lost your senses", and yet that you still somehow believe it to be the truth. Both ideas are nonsense.

    You do no real good by attending.

    Even if my Mum feels a little pain because I have not attended anything JW since I walked away years ago, not even family funerals held in a K.H, then I am sorry for that pain, but I feel I cannot let her continue to live in false hope, that is cruel too.

    Any flack that comes your way for not going is flack that will come your way one day anyway, better to face that sooner rather than later.

  • Viviane

    I don’t know if anyone is familiar with Satanism or Satanic metal but the whole idea of the upside down cross or drinking blood is to mock God.

    The origin of the symbol comes from the Catholic tradition that Simon Peter was crucified upside down, as told by Origen of Alexandria. The tradition first appears in the "Martyrdom of Peter", a fragmented text found in, but possibly predating, the apocryphal Acts of Peter, which was written no later than 200 A.D. It is believed that Peter requested this form of crucifixion as he felt he was unworthy to be crucified in the same manner that Jesus died. As such, some Catholics use this cross as a symbol of humility and unworthiness in comparison to Jesus.

  • Laika

    I am being pressured to go, 'out of respect to Jesus' I don't think it is respectful to Jesus as the memorial is really about reinforcing the JW hierarchy, but I'm not allowed to tell them this because it is 'apostate' and our relationship is based on me saying nothing critical about JWs, which makes it a difficult situation.

  • SAHS

    “Clambake”: “Last year then they started to pass the bread and wine I just sat in the bathroom for 20 minutes.”

    Maybe next the attendants will be instructed to check the bathroom stalls to see if there is anyone in there to be passed the emblems – just to be thorough.

  • snare&racket

    I'm too busy to pass around the blood and bones of a dead god, for a select few to eat, under a full red moon...... though it sounds delightful and not at all pagan in origin.

    But as I said, Stewart Lee has a new series out and I may just have to bow down to him that night....or wash my hair.

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