What's your response to Matthew 10:37 (greater love for mom and dad then Jesus)???

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  • jam

    Used to justify shunning.

  • Londo111

    Anyone can take an extreme view…why aren’t we gouging out our eyes or hacking our limbs if they are making us stumble?

    I think the interpretation is reverse of what the Watchtower makes it. A person doesn’t leave or forsake their family, but if a person is threatened with being forsaken for following Christ, a person chooses Christ over family. Here it shows the consequences that many people who leave the Watchtower religion have to make, for either following Christ or matters of conscience. Family within the authority structure will betray you.

  • cofty

    I think Jesus meant exactly what he said.

    He was obsessed with his imminent parousia and taught his followers that they must abandon everything to follow him.

    Paul echoed Jesus' attitude in his letter to Corinth..

    What I mean, brothers and sisters, is that the time is short. From now on those who have wives should live as if they do not; - 1Cor 7:29

    Jesus was a dangerous charismatic cult leader and a false prophet.

  • jam

    I agree with both of you, Londo111 "taking an extreme view" but on the

    other hand, cofty "Jesus was a dangerous charismatic cult leader he meant what he said".

    Among JW's, I can not show you any love until you come back too

    Jehovah, that's a cult favorite scripture.

  • mynameislame

    That the bible can be used to prove just about any viewpoint you want.

    That is what I find most amazing about the bible.

  • cofty

    Don't look for anything in the bible to counter cult-think, that's where they get it from.

    Try appealing to the authentic person behind the persona.

  • ablebodiedman

    What is more important?

    Following Jesus Christ and losing your family.


    Venerating a bunch of reprehensible men in Brooklyn and keeping your family.


  • Clambake

    I have looked at this verse more about the terrible price one has to pay to become a Christian.

    Leaving Islam, Jehovah Witnesses and other various cults can cost you your family. Jesus was saying you have to love me more than them to be my follower. You know, A true Christian not involved in false religion. I actually used that exact line when studying with the elders. Man was he pissed. I figured he was going to pull the whole pompous and arrogant crap, I would do the same.

    It’s funny how JW talk about the terrible price they pay for joining the borg from family members but it is really the ones who leave that pay the price.

  • Xanthippe

    What do I think of Matt 10:37?

    Why would a loving God want you to give up your family and friends and break your heart?

    Sounds like a spoilt child saying I'm your best friend now you must play with me and no-one else.

    Narcissistic sadist.

  • digderidoo

    Where does Matthew 10:37 tell you to disown your father or mother?

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