Possibly the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

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  • Rattigan350

    There is nothing creepy about the pictures. They are just the 4 horsemen. Nothing creepy about that.

    Creepy means getting chills or fears about scary unknown things.

    The 4 horsemen have been going on for 100 years and affecting everyone.


    You mean thousands and thousands of years, right?? Remember how the world was so bad that it could not possibly last until 1914??


  • cantleave

    The 4 horsemen have been going on for 100 years and affecting everyone.


  • Enlightenment123

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Since when is Jesus one of the four horsemen?? Misinterpreting Rev 6:2 and saying it's Jesus pisses me off.

    I just now saw this topic. Subliminal images are actually quite real in WT pictures. I'm working on putting together a bunch of them. I have piles and piles. Search for WT subliminal images on YouTube...several people are doing videos to point them out. Mostly demonic/satanic stuff. Some pornographic. binsubimages is a good one, he has a lot of good videos.

    In the meantime, here's a few of my personal favorites...ugh.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    July 10, 1990
    To Whom It May Concern:

    "Because of my extensive professional experience, Darek Barefoot recently asked me to review a number of illustrations [in WT, AWAKE!, REVELATION CLIMAX and LIVE FOREVER].

    "It is my professional opinion that secondary images have been deliberately incorporated into many of the illustrations I have examined. The secondary images I have seen vary from symbolic shapes and letters of the alphabet to representations of faces and skulls, and deformities of certain extremities. These appear with enough consistency that in my opinion they are deliberate, not coincidental.

    "As a professional illustrator and painter, I am very aware of the amount of time and concentration that goes into a painting or an illustration. Any artist doing a piece is acutely aware of every line and brush stroke. It is therefore exremely difficult for me to believe that many of these images, objects, and shapes were not purposefully embedded into these illustrations in question."

    James Waggaman

  • Enlightenment123

    That's awesome. I sent that to someone who is taking all kinds of crap from people that say they're making it up.

  • talesin


    I know a Satanist too, and yup, that is their religion. It's a really interesting twist on the Bible, huh? I mean, even in the Bible, wasn't Satan originally Lucifer, angel of light (or so I was taught by the cult)? If you stand back from it, it kinda makes sense. So, this angel wanted all the knowledge from the Garden of Eden to be available for us all, and G*d decided that he would paint this angel of light to be the bad guy. Because we don't deserve it, and G*d is really the bad guy (well, he IS a very nasty, vengeful character, especially in the OT).

    Ah, gots-ta love religion!


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Welcome, Enlightenment123, and thank you for your input.

    If DD will kindly allow another excerpt from a letter, I would be grateful. The information I have posted has been disputed by an artist who was once a member of this forum. I can send you a link via pm if you like.


    The letter below was written by Michael Graves, who studied commercial illustration, graphic arts and photograghy at Bakersfield College. His professional work includes medical photography, photomicrography, illustration and commercial photography.

    The letter is addressed "To whom it may concern," February 21, 1992:

    [. . .]

    "At first glance the illustrations [Watch Tower 'commercial art images depicting religious scenes'] I examined appeared quite normal, but after closer examination, it became apparent that there are many images and symbols integrated into the scenes. Upon further investigation of the illustrations, I noticed a consistent motif and repeatability of these same symbols in every illustration I studied. Some of the symbols and images are so obvious they interrupt the normal flow of lines, shape, and form of the artwork. It is quite apparent the illustrators would use highlights and shadows in the scenes to conceal the symbols in such a manner that they are not clearly distinguishable. However, armed with the knowledge that the symbols may be present, it becomes quite easy to distinguish and isolate these images from the given illustration.

    "In conclusion, it is my professional opinion that these figures are present in the illustrations, not by coincidence, but by clear conscious efforts by the originators of the artwork."



    Michael Graves

  • Gregor

    The clouds look like animal intestines in a jar of formaldehyde.

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