Need some advice...For my kids

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    We lived next door to a small park. It had two rock outcroppings, the little rock and the big rock. There were about 30 kids. You started out at the little rock when you were preschool and then graduated to the big rock. Sometimes the adults would organize us into baseball teams. I used to bring my dolls to meet other girl's dolls.

  • Perry

    My 7 & 8 Yr. old's schedule:

    Monday - Friends come over from Church for a 8 week course on witnessing. Normally it's Basketball, little league, or soccer practice

    Tuesday - Homework

    Wednesday - Homework then AWANA at church with about 30 other kids their age.

    Thursday - Homework

    Friday - Family Movie Night

    Saturday - Basketball, Little League, or Soccer game

    Sunday - Church and total rest

  • villagegirl

    Churches ( yeah I mean those "scary" Christian ones ) do a lot of

    fun activities with children, and its not about indoctrination, its

    about creating community and healthy lives connected to and helping

    others. JW's isolate and create closed groups and judge even children.

    If you allow your children to only associate with witness children you

    are already isolating them from being a normal child who can do normal

    things like join Brownies or Guides or Clubs or Scouts or go to Summer Camps.

    Help your children be free from WT paranoia and the grandiose ideas

    of superiority and the US and THEM mentality and the dead end,

    of the Watch Tower "bridge to nowhere"

  • 4thgen

    Hi Jon,

    Such good comments! Growing things in the garden is a good thing to do with the kids. Teaches about nature and patience. The reward is a good veggie that they will want to try because they grew it!

    Bubbles are fun.

    Kites make memories

    Goldfish are fun and cheap. Add a little swimmy to your family.


    Spend some time helping others with you children in tow. It will show them loving kindness in action and help you widen out in your friendships. Are there lonely elderly people that may like little children around? An extra set of grandparents always come in handy.

    God bless! 4th gen

  • mzmmom

    I spent 4000 hours of my childhood sitting through meetings. Your kids are blessed to be free, and will make new friends.

  • 4thgen

    Hi Jon, How is it going with your kids?

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