Need some advice...For my kids

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  • quellycatface

    A nature trail.

    Building a camp in the woods or garden.


    A trip to the zoo or an animal rescue.

    If finances permit, getting a small pet or dog. Helps them to become responsible carers.

    Joining a dance/movement class for their age group.

  • wasblind

    Golden memories in your two cents worth Maeve

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    When I was that age, I had a younger brother. We were almost twins b/c the age difference was minimal. We cried to be with other kids our age. I don't know if kids today do this or if it is safe. My parents would take us to the public parks. The neighborhood kids were there. We played for hours. As we grew older, my father would take some local friends to better parks. They had better slides, etc. My father would bring the newspaper. He had to drag as away. They knew the local parents from PTA so sometimes our parents were able to leave us.

    We lived near New York, so my mom would find child activities in the newspaper. We were frequently at the Museum of Natural History with dinosaurs, a whale, rocks, displays with Native American figures. The museum and local library ran children's programs. It wasn't the content that was the draw. The other kids were the draw. Oh, our county park ran activities for kids. Craft type stuff. We went on field trips.

    Certain items, such as the lions in front of the main public library, were special things. I tear up when I see them now.

    We also did the Bronx Zoo. My local county had a children's zoo that was more quiet.

    There were neighborhood rules for the kids. The one missing item was a dog. Most of my teachers lived in the neighborhood. They looked out for us. If a kid was seen after a certain time, the school was called. Other mothers were also called. Riding a bike in the street was a big offense.

    I was evidently crying to be around other kids when I was very young so my mom had me enrolled in a college preschool program. Well, I don't know if I would allow my kids such freedom today.

  • gingerbread

    Little ones enjoy the little things in life (all of us should take time to do the same as adults) and will love just spending time with you - keep it simple, play games, take time to relax with them...ask them what they would like to do!

    Our contemporary culture impresses a false need that we need to keep our children busy - all the time. They'll get enough of that as they go through school and become teenagers...then adults. Let them be kids - and be like a kid with them.

    Stepping off the Watchtower merry-go-round is disorienting - loss of a 'schedule'and 'friends. We get dizzy, fall down and get 'sick'.

    Your daughters have just picked up on your change of schedule and the absence of their Kingdom Hall 'friends'. No need to worry. Children are very adaptable - way more than adults.

    Fill the void by being together as a family. It works everytime!


  • chicken little
    chicken little

    Just to reassure you that your children will soon move on...our son was six when we stopped going to the meetings, he had many friends there that he used to have play days with. When we stopped, I asked him if he would miss going to the meetings. He said "no now we will have more time to do things as a family". Out of the mouths of babes. He is now 13 and a really well balanced kid with friends at school, hapkido club and swim club. Trust yourself, you are a great dad.

  • scotoma

    When I had a couple hours to spend with my young kids we would try to see how many parks we could get to. Each park is different. With different activities and equipment. Have them try everything out a couple times and then move on to the next park. On long afternoons we could get to 5 or 6 parks. That way you find out their favorite activities. Lots of conversation driving between parks.

  • villagegirl

    TWO years old ? Four years old ? Get them into some Pre-School programs

    with lots of other non-witness kids, do not continue to isolate them to only

    witness families. Get them involved in pre-school programs and make friends

    with your neighbors, invite some non-witness families to dinner, or go join

    something yourself, clubs, sports, clases. Nobody has to be lonely or friendless

    outside the WT or the KH. Start reaching out, volunteer with a local charity, food bank,

    teach people to read, help out in the community, be connected.

  • Giordano

    My granddaughter's are about the same age as your children. My daughter-in-law helped start a Mom's club for play meet ups, sharing and helping out if someone needs some help. Pot luck dinners with the kids and parents (great way to meet new friends). Trips to the park as mentioned by others.

    I am impressed with the Mom's club. You know as a witness we met regularly (meetings and assemblies F.S.)and had a belief in common so friendships could grow organically.

    If your wife meets regularly with other Moms that's going to allow friendships to develope naturally only this time around it's the children you have in common. My son takes a turn at the park especially when other dads are going to be there. Eventually the husbands get to know one another too. Let your children lead you to new relationships.

    By the way day care is often run by churchs but stays neurtral when it comes to the kids. Sometimes there are non religious groups that provide day care.

  • BU2B

    Wow some great advice here for me as well. I have a 4 year old daughter and another due any day now.. Its tough to be a great dad, especially when burnt out mentally from TTATT/JW things.. I will keep all these things in mind.. It is getting easier now that the weather is improving, Im looking forward to the summer with my family. I will try to hve the most fun possible with them, and try to keep JW things to a minimum for my wife.. Even if she goes out in FS I can always take the little one to the nature preserve or waterfront or another activity.

  • Bella15

    There's a lot games that are kind of unknown to people like Spot It, Rory's Story Cubes, you can cook together, make a garden, watch certain educational TV shows together (right now I am watching COSMOS with my kids on Sundays), go to different parks in the city, find community festivals and make sure you go every year. Go to movies and dress up in costume. Visit 99 cents store they have a lot of activities toy for well 99 cents.

    Create family traditions.

    Create your own family holiday.

    Go exploring around your neighborhood. Scavengers hunt.

    Road trips.

    Make your house and OPEN HOUSE in the neighborhood where kids your children's age are welcome to come and play.

    Make play dates with other families.

    Check the newspaper for things to do around the city, or check the internet, there are also directories for families in some cities.

    Start collecting something.

    Ask the children what they want to do and GO for it.

    Buy those 101 children's rhymes songs CDs and dance with them. Act them out too. My kids loved to act out the songs, like the famous "going on a bear hunt"

    Goin' on a Bear Hunt
    I'm not afraid
    It's a beautiful day
    The sun is shining
    The birds are singing
    The bees are buzzing

    What's that?
    Tall grass

    (Sweeping arm motions making swishing sounds)

    Going on a Bear Hunt
    I'm not afraid

    What's that?
    It's a tall tree

    (Arm motion climbing up then climbing back down )

    Going on a Bear hunt
    I'm not afraid

    What's that?
    Ohh, it's mud

    (March through the mud making sloshing mud sounds )

    Going on a Bear Hunt
    I'm not afraid

    What's that?
    It's a river
    We're going to have to swim

    (Swim the river)

    Going on a Bear Hunt
    I'm not afraid

    What's that?
    Ohh it's a dark cave

    (Make gestures and sounds)

    I can't see anything
    I can feel something
    I can hear something
    We better take out our flashlights

    (Take out flashlight and flick it on)

    Oh it's a bear

    (Repeat the sequence in reverse quickly and dramatically,
    slapping thighs and doing all the actions for each verse.)

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