Strong, odd and weird opinions on my brothers anniversary

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  • GoUnion

    I would show up and have a good time. Life without the watchtower does not make a person unhappy, in most cases you will be happier. the key to survival from what I have seen in my limited time so far is to keep busy and find a new social circle, the isolation and loneliness that is fostered and felt from the organization is intentional, show everyone you are normal and happy!

  • kaik

    I would not show up. You were not invited, so there is no reason for you to go. When I left, my siblings did not invited me on their wedding either nor they had showed on mine.

  • thedog1

    The elder referred to by one poster who told the DF'd person to leave was way out of line. I live in a pretty conservative country in Europe as far as JWs are concerned and the advice given to elders by the org here is that if they go to a wedding and a DF'd person comes to the meal, that the elders themselves should leave.

  • usualusername

    thanks for all the comments.

    It has been really helpful!

  • usualusername

    Just a quick update.

    My brothers 25th anniversary is a less than a month away and he has not managed to invite me yet. I guess as an elder he must be busy shepherding.

    I have decided not to attend an event I am not invited to. I have booked a weekend away with my girlfriend.

    Although I heard the date through the grapevine I cannot endorse his odd behaviour.


  • jgnat

    Not gonna weigh in on what you should do. Your plan to get out of town sounds good. But I will offer insight. I don't think the call was an accident. I think his subliminal was calling you. In some deep way he might be wanting to connect even if he would not admit it to your face.

    If you decide not to open yourself up to any hurt, I understand.

  • usualusername


    If his subliminal invited me, I would subliminally attend!

    But thanks for your insight.

  • MissFit

    Don't forget to subliminally send him a present

  • ruderedhead

    usualusername, your solution seems just right to me! Have a great time!

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