Strong, odd and weird opinions on my brothers anniversary

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  • Giordano

    My wife's Nephew Bob who has been DF for 25 years and asked to leave his home at age 18 received an invitation to his son' wedding. His son became a JW after living as a young adult with his grandparents and then getting engaged to a JW.

    They held the wedding outdoors in a park (this was last spring) then went someplace for a banquet. After the father set at a table with other non witness family members his son was told by an Elder that he'd have to ask his father to leave...his son refused so the Elder told his Dad he could not eat with them.

    Bob decided not to go ape shit over the disrespect and spoil his son's occasion so he left along with a few of the other non witnesses.

    Just disgusting.

  • usualusername

    Brother calls me up twice in my life.

    I get a third hand invite (my brother has mentioned event, my JW brother has not invited me yet).

    I just feel If I attend I will ruin the day.

    I could bring my Catholic girlfriend. She has offered to preach to everyone!

  • Really?!

    Make sure your catholic girlfriend wears her largest and sparkliest cross

  • GrreatTeacher

    I'd be damned if I'd attend. If he can't bother to invite you himself, then why would he be surprised that you didn't show up?

    I'm really big on forcing family members to follow normal social conventions. If they can't bother, then I can't bother.

  • AudeSapere

    Giordano wrote: ... his son was told by an Elder that he'd have to ask his father to leave...his son refused so the Elder told his Dad he could not eat with them.

    Such arrogance on the part of the elder. If said elder was offended, said elder should have left the event himself.


    Tough call on this one. I tend to agree with Ouiblette's first suggestion to be the most gracious one. But... Other people make a good point. A second- or third-hand invite, is not an invite.

    Maybe do something fun to celebrate your own life. Something fun and out-of-the-ordinary with your girlfriend.


  • usualusername

    Grreat Teacher

    If my brother called me up I still not may attend but a 3rd hand semi invite is a joke.

    But being gracious. Sounds lovely but I am too naughty.

  • Aroq

    oops, I meant....

    The real question is, do you love your brother?

    I'm sure you do, we do not always like our family, but love them none the less. This is where it gets hard, Are you happy for him? What does it matter how HE has to jump through the hoops? You don't. But you can show him you care. If you go or not matters nothing. Acknowledging his milestone in his life may go unnoticed, but really it matters what you want to show him. If you want to show him that you'd rather eb 1st invited, then sure go that route. If you'd rather just show him you love him no matter how he treats you, then either send what you want to/a card/gift or go and bring your token of love and peace. Listen, I am giving advice that I myself would find hard to swallow, but it is what we as family should do out of love for our family. If it matters not, then don't sweat it.......but you wouldn't be asking if it didn't bother you.

    Good day sir.

  • blondie

    If it were someone else's anniverary, and both you and your brother are guests and invited by the one being honored I would go. Otherwise, I would stay home and do something fun with my real friends. As has been said, it is his day.

  • bemused

    Hi UUN. If you would like more contact with your brother then, although it doesn't seem to appeal to you, I think Oubliette's idea has a lot going for it. If you attend and stay happy, friendly and relaxed throughout it would show the active JWs that leaving the WT does not inevitably mean that you become a bad, self-centred follower of Satan and your brother might give you some credit for supporting him and being friendly to his other guests.

  • jemba

    Go but turn the tables on their ridiculous beliefs of anniversaries vs birthdays. We all know that its the same thing.

    If a store has a birthday party a JW wont go but if they have an anniversary JWs are ok with it.

    Go along and tell them its offensive as its too much like a birthday party and its selfish to have a day thats all about them, heaven forbid there be a cake there. Oh and those wedding rings they wear... pagan!!

    Ha ha, go and have a bit of fun and make them as uncomfortable as they like to make others feel.

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